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You feel sick but happy. You're tired but excited about the future. Your body is changing and your moods are volatile. You are pregnant. Are you ready? Learn about what's happening to you and your baby at the Pregnancy Learning Center.
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And now, new research finds another downside to having the sniffles when you' re pregnant: Colds during pregnancy are linked to an increased risk of your baby  ...


Feb 26, 2017 ... Are you experiencing a cough or cold during pregnancy? ... this vaccine while you are pregnant will ensure your infant is protected until then.


Many cold remedies that you can buy over the ... you knew you were pregnant, try not to worry.


If you're exposed to a person who has chickenpox, fifth disease, cytomegalovirus or rubella while you're pregnant, you should tell your doctor right away.


Apr 21, 2017 ... When should you try to manage your own pregnancy health ... and when should .... Spotting and Bleeding During Pregnancy: When to Worry.


Cough, cold and flu symptoms are common in pregnancy. ... or are worried that your symptoms seem unusual, you may have the flu, strep throat or a sinus ... The flu is much worse than the common cold and can make pregnant women much ...


If you're worried about your flu symptoms, see you GP. ... You can also try the following treatments:.


Mother and child center Healthy Mom Common cold during pregnancy can ... is of the so-called serous type (runny, bright secretion), you should not worry much.


Nov 12, 2012 ... "A child with autism (three years old) pointing to the fish in an aquarium. ... think they have the flu when in fact, they have a bad version of the "common cold. ... You can count me among the "flu-during pregnancy" population.