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Dissolution of the Soviet Union

The dissolution of the USSR (Russian: Распад СССР) also signaled the end of the Cold .... In the fall of 1985, Gorbachev continued to bring...

Fall of the Soviet Union - Cold War -

Find out more about the history of Fall of the Soviet Union, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on ...

Fall of the Soviet Union (December 1991) - Cold War Museum

In December of 1991, as the world watched in amazement, the Soviet Union disintegrated into fifteen separate countries. Its collapse was hailed by the west as a ...

Collapse of the USSR – in pictures | World news | The Guardian

Jul 14, 2014 ... The last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev initiated reforms that ultimately led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Here are some of the key ...

The Collapse of the Soviet Union - Office of the Historian

Oct 31, 2013 ... The Collapse of the Soviet Union. After his inauguration in January 1989, George H.W. Bush did not automatically follow the policy of his ...

The Cold War for Kids: Collapse of the Soviet Union - Ducksters

Kids learn about the history of the Collapse of the Soviet Union which put an end to the Cold War.

Everything You Think You Know About the Collapse of the Soviet ...

Jun 20, 2011 ... In the years leading up to 1991, virtually no Western expert, scholar, official, or politician foresaw the impending collapse of the Soviet Union, ...

The Economic Collapse of the Soviet Union

In the 1970's and 1980's the Soviet Union seemed to be one of the most stable political units in the world. In international politics the Soviet Union was very ... of USSR&v=DE4oKJ5yQXY
Apr 19, 2014 ... The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) formally ceased to exist on 26 December 1991. The increasing political unrest led the ...

Why did the Soviet Union collapse? - Quora

To be concise, * Constitution of the Soviet Union (1977) - its article 72 provides legal ground to freely secede from the federation. * Decentralization effo...

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Q: Collapse of USSR?
A: USSR AKA Soviet Union: Economic stagnation was fixed briefly due to foreign investment after the collapse of communism. This period was also marked by heavy inf... Read More »
Q: USA collapsing like USSR?
A: If this country doesn't turn around from its present course quickly, I wouldn't be surprised to see the US collapse within 20 years if that long. I am not optim... Read More »
Q: When was the collapse of the USSR?
A: The collapse of the USSR occurred in August of 1991. The communist hardliners Read More »
Q: Who worked in the coal mines in Siberia after collapse of USSR?
A: After the fall of Communism in the USSR, and Capitalist regimes were put in place, many individuals with the money to set up pumping facilities did so, and made... Read More »
Q: Why was "collapse of USSR greatest geopolitical catastrophe of 20...
A: The collapse of communism was NOT a tragedy, nor a catastrophe - it was positive event - as for collapse of USSR - everybody think Putin meant collapse of commu... Read More »