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In the fall of 1985, Gorbachev continued to bring younger and more energetic men into government. On September 27, Nikolai Ryzhkov replaced 79-year-old ...

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Find out more about the history of Fall of the Soviet Union, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on ...

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Fall of the Soviet Union. In December of 1991, as the world watched in amazement, the Soviet Union disintegrated into fifteen separate countries. Its collapse ...

25 Years On, Collapse of Soviet Union Still Brings Cheers—and Tears


Dec 22, 2016 ... The U.S.S.R. was officially dissolved on December 26, 1991. A veteran National Geographic writer reflects on events that must never be ...

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The Collapse of the Soviet Union. After his inauguration in January 1989, George H.W. Bush did not automatically follow the policy of his predecessor, Ronald ...

25 years later: 7 shockwaves from breakup of Soviet Union


Dec 21, 2016 ... The Soviet Union collapsed 25 years ago this Christmas Day, and the impact is still felt.

The Economic Collapse of the Soviet Union


But there were more immediate causes for the collapse. In the middle 1980's about seventy percent of the industrial output of the Soviet Union was going to the ...

25 years since collapse of USSR, 25 years of global instability — RT ...


Sep 11, 2016 ... Yes, you have read the title of this article correctly. And no, this is not a press release by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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Kids learn about the history of the Collapse of the Soviet Union which put an end to the Cold War.

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Jun 20, 2011 ... In the years leading up to 1991, virtually no Western expert, scholar, official, or politician foresaw the impending collapse of the Soviet Union, ...