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Information about Unpaid Wages provided by job and employee rights advocacy organization ... My employer paid me, but the paycheck bounced. .... For more information on filing overtime claim, please see our site's filing a complaint page.

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What are my wage and hour solution options? File a Claim: To expedite your claim, please ask the employer for your unpaid wages. For quickest results, it is ...

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The most common remedy for wage violations is an order that an employer make up the ... which the FLSA employs for recovering unpaid wages and overtime pay . ... of workers, and if you find that you are owed money, you can submit a claim.

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... the employer is required to pay the ... is owed and has not been paid.

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If you haven't been paid all the money you've earned at work, you might have a legal claim against your employer under state or federal wage and hour law.

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The lien for unpaid wages is “established” if the employer does not dispute the lien for ... finds that the employee's claim is in bad faith or frivolous. Are there ...

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Now L&I can decide what wages are due and collect those wages for the worker. ... What are my rights to receive wages in Washington? ... a "citation and assessment" requiring the employer to pay the unpaid wages, plus interest at 1% per ...

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It is called the Wage Payment Collection Act. (Chapter 91A, Iowa Code). ... Are you having problems collecting wages owed to you or problems not being paid regularly? ... The law forbids your employer from making certain deductions from your wages or not paying you what you ... HOW DO I GET HELP WITH MY CLAIM ?

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Questions to Answer Before Completing the Claim for Unpaid Wages Form ... You are not legally owed bonuses given at the discretion of the employer after the ...

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If you are owed unpaid wages from an employer, you may be able to recover those wages by submitting a claim under Texas Payday Law.