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Sea glass and beach glass are similar but come from two different types of water. "Sea glass" is .... Hobby[edit]. Like collecting shells, fossils, or stones, combing shorelines for sea glass is a hobby many beach-goers and beachcombers enjoy.


Guide to collecting sea glass - Why collect it? What is behind the fascination with these beach gems? How can I begin collecting? These questions and more are ...


May 21, 2016 ... Where to find sea glass, Collecting beach glass. Seaglass Collecting, Tips for the collector and seaglass hunter. What beaches make for good ...


I began collecting sea glass on the OBX (Outer Banks of North Carolina) and amassed a sizable personal collection of sea glass during our 20+ year residency.


How to find sea glass tips and tricks. Sea glass collecting couple shares their secrets to increase your chances of a successful hunt.


How to Collect Sea or Beach Glass. Collecting sea glass can be an incredibly relaxing activity! Walking down the beach of an ocean or lake will clear your mind  ...


I collect sea glass from New Jersey beaches and love when I find a piece, it's a treasure so I totally understand why they don't want people to take it. I would just  ...


Aug 21, 2016 ... Those bits of sea glass ground smooth by the ocean before being scattered on the beach can touch the imagination in special ways.


Richard Lamotte shows pieces from his extensive sea-glass collection and gives sea-glass-gathering tips.


A History Sea Glass. ... While marketing my sea glass, I have encountered a lot of people who are ... Technically speaking, sea and beach glass are different. .... I used to sit down near "Glass Beach", where I collect the Sea Glass, and sell my ...