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The Microbiome and Butyrate Regulate Energy Metabolism ... - NCBI


Dallas R. Donohoe,<sup>1</sup> Nikhil Garge,<sup>3</sup> Xinxin Zhang,<sup>3</sup> Wei Sun,<sup>1</sup> Thomas M. O' Connell,<sup>2</sup> ... Microbiota Influence Energy Homeostasis in the Colon ... liver and heart of non-fasted GF and CONV-R mice (Backhed et al., 2007; Crawford et al., 2009). ..... sodium salt (DSS) containing 0.01% (w/v) sodium azide as a bacteriocide.

Intestinal Short Chain Fatty Acids and their Link with Diet and ... - NCBI


Feb 17, 2016 ... Acetate is the most abundant SCFA in the colon and makes up more .... The SHIME (Van Den Abbeele et al., 2010) and SIMGI models .... the production of butyrate by the microbiota (Donohoe et al., 2014). ..... Different human gut models reveal the distinct fermentation patterns of Arabinoxylan versus inulin.

Crosstalk between Microbiota-Derived Short-Chain Fatty Acids and ...


Apr 9, 2015 ... In animal models, both genetic (Tambuwala et al., 2010; Karhausen et al., 2004) ... metabolic substrate for epithelial energy homeostasis (Donohoe et al., 2011). ... Analysis of PMDZ Dye Retention in Healthy Mouse Colon ... (−4.7% ± 2.2% Rho-0 versus −15.4% ± 4.8% control) in response to 10 mM NaB ...

Diet-microbiota interactions as moderators of human metabolism ...


Jul 7, 2016 ... Tremaroli, V. et al. ..... Donohoe, D. R. et al. The microbiome and butyrate regulate energy metabolism and autophagy in the mammalian colon.

The microbiome and butyrate regulate energy metabolism ... - NCBI


May 4, 2011 ... Donohoe DR(1), Garge N, Zhang X, Sun W, O'Connell TM, Bunger MK, Bultman SJ. ... not known whether it regulates host metabolism in a general versus ... effect on energy homeostasis in the colon compared to other tissues ...

Diet, microorganisms and their metabolites, and colon cancer - Nature


Nov 16, 2016 ... Figueiredo, J. C. et al. ..... Diet, microbiota, and microbial metabolites in colon cancer risk in rural .... De Preter, V. et al. .... Donohoe, D. R. et al.

Green v. Brennan - SCOTUSblog


Green v. Brennan ... Oct 5 2015, Brief amici curiae of Equal Employment Advisory Council, et al. filed. Oct 5 2015, Brief amicus curiae of New England Legal ...

Slc10a2-null mice uncover colon cancer-promoting actions of ...


Jul 25, 2015 ... Whereas colon cancer arises from progressive mucosal dysplasia associated with somatic gene .... To examine cell proliferation, Ki67 staining was performed as described by Holt et al. .... multiplicity of colon tumors; nine WT mice versus only one Asbt-deficient mouse had fewer than ..... Donohoe D.R. et al.

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Aug 13, 2014 ... In a recent issue of Cell, Belcheva et al. (2014) show that ... versus pathological conditions. With a large majority of ... the colon, compared to ApcMin/+;Msh2+/А mice. .... HDAC inhibitor (Donohoe et al., 2012). Similarly ...

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Jul 17, 2014 ... genes within colon epithelial cells and the cell's environment. The intestinal ..... nexin V and PI, and the % apoptosis was esti- mated by flow .... distal part of the colon (Donohoe et al., 2012a), stimulated prolif- eration of colon ...