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Space colonization - Wikipedia


Space colonization is permanent human habitation off the planet Earth. Many arguments have been made for and against space colonization. The two most ...

Space Colonization Basics - Space Settlement - NASA


Space Settlement Basics. DISCLAIMER: This web site is not a policy statement. It is intended to be an accessible introduction to the ideas developed in the ...

Want to Colonize an Alien Planet? Send 40000 People - Space.com


Jul 28, 2014 ... Humans will need to send 20000 to 40000 people on an interstellar starship journey if colonizing a new world is really in the cards, one expert ...

The Colonization of Space


The following chapters present a detailed description of a system for the colonization of space. It is not the best system that can be devised; nor is it complete.

Stephen Hawking: Humanity Must Colonize Space to Survive


Apr 13, 2013 ... Famed British cosmologist Stephen Hawking sees only one way for humanity to survive the next millennium: colonize space. And he's probably ...

The Coming Age of Space Colonization - The Atlantic


Mar 20, 2013 ... The Coming Age of Space Colonization. In the next generation, will humans be mining on the moon and living on Mars?

How will we colonize other planets? | HowStuffWorks


In sci-fi books and movies, colonizing other planets seems easy. All you have to do is make a jump to "hyper-space" in your star cruiser and -- voilà -- you punch ...

Will humans become extinct before we can colonize other planets ...


I think this is extraordinarily unlikely, indeed for all practical purposes, impossible. Humans ..... If humanity fails to colonize space and other planets before being destroyed, this will probably not be due to natural disaster. Rather, it will be due to ...

Why We Must Colonize Space - Future Travel


Sep 28, 2016 ... Yesterday a lot of people watched Elon Musk revealing some of his plans on colonization of Mars at the International Astronautical Congress.

How long will it take for humans to colonize space? - Quora


The asker demonstrates a pre-existing understanding that surpasses that of many who might .... How would human evolution work in space colonization?