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Color blindness - Wikipedia


Color blindness, also known as color vision deficiency, is the decreased ability to see color or differences in color. Color blindness can make some educational ...

Color Vision Deficiency - American Optometric Association


Color vision deficiency can range from mild to severe, depending on the cause. It affects both eyes if it is inherited and usually just one if it is caused by injury or ...

Types of Colour Blindness — Colour Blind Awareness


An explanation of the different types and severity of colour blindness or colour vision deficiency.

Red-Green Color Blindness | Colblindor


Already John Dalton wrote about his color vision deficiency. Red, orange, yellow, and green all appeared to be the same color to him. The rest of the color ...

How Color Blindness Affects Your Daily Life - AllAboutVision.com


Color blindness is not a form of blindness at all, but a deficiency in the way you see color. With this vision problem, you have difficulty distinguishing certain ...

EnChroma: Color Blindness Test | EnChroma


If you have red-green color blindness, our test can tell you if your color vision deficiency is mild, moderate, or strong. It can even determine if the issue is with ...

EnChroma | Color For The Color Blind


Up to 300 million people worldwide are affected by red-green color vision deficiency, also called color blindness. Read More about the EnChroma Lens ...

color vision deficiency - Genetics Home Reference


Color vision deficiency (sometimes called color blindness) represents a group of conditions that affect the perception of color. Red-green color vision defects are ...

Colour vision deficiency (colour blindness) - NHS Choices


Find about colour vision deficiency and colour blindness, including how to get tested, why it happens, what problems it may cause and what can be done about  ...

Corrective Contact Lenses for Color Vision Deficiency


Finally, a cure for colorblindness! Colormax offers the world's only set of contact lenses to correct color vision deficiencies.

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What Is Colorblindness and the Different Types? - ColorVisionTesting


A mild color deficiency is present when one or more of the three cones light sensitive pigments are not quite right and their peak sensitivity is shifted ( anomalous ...

50 Facts about Color Blindness | Colblindor


#03 Color blindness is more prevalent among males than females, because the most common form of color vision deficiency is encoded on the X sex ...

Color Weakness | Definition of Color Weakness by Merriam-Webster


Define color weakness: a partial inability to distinguish colors that is not so marked as in color blindness.