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The United States Constitution provides that each "House may determine the Rules of its .... and 3) joint committees whose members are chosen according to the statute or resolution that created...

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On the basis of seniority.It depends on the committee. If it's a powerful committee, or has prestige to it, then it will go to either the most.

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A committee chair serves as the parliamentary head of a committee, sets agenda and other duties.

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Aug 27, 2015 ... The short answer: the longest-serving majority-party member of the Committee in ... member of the Committee in question is usually the Chairman. The long ... How are House and Senate committee chairperson elected?

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Matt and Craig's answers are textbook-true (and I want to note specifically that I have a strong appreciation that Matt takes time from his other responsibilities to ...

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A conference committee usually consists of selected members of the House and Senate subcommittees that originally developed the legislation. In some ...

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The Committee of the Whole House is a committee of the House on which all ... Select committees usually are established by a separate resolution of the parent  ...

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Bills usually have names which have been carefully crafted to convey the best " spin. ... The committee chairperson is very important to the legislative process since he or ... Committee, made up of senior members of both chambers (chosen by ...

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Jan 8, 2005 ... There are 441 votes in the Democratic National Committee, split among 446 ... There are also 75 at large members chosen by appointment, as well as ... 1988, because usually the position of DNC Chair is annointed by a ...

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May 17, 1995 ... Senate approval of the committee nominations of its parties usually is pro ..... former Senator may be chosen to fill the vacated committee seats.