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The common cuttlefish or European common cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) is one of the largest and best-known cuttlefish species. It grows to 49 cm in mantle ...

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Natural History. Cuttlefish are armed to hunt. When a shrimp or fish is in range, the cuttlefish aims—and shoots out two tentacles to seize its prey. Like their ...

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Learn more about the Common cuttlefish - with amazing Common cuttlefish videos, photos and facts on ARKive.

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Sepia officinalis, the Common Cuttlefish lives in the English channel, south through the Mediterranean Sea along the west coast of Africa to the southern- most ...

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Descriptions and articles about the Common Cuttlefish, scientifically known as Sepia officinalis in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Brief Summar...

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Large fish, sharks and even other cuttlefish (sometimes of the same species) are the most common predators of the cuttlefish along with humans who hunt the ...

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One of our popular display specimens are common cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, a member of the class Cephalopoda, which also includes octopuses and squids.

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The Common Cuttlefish is up to 65 cm long and can weight 4 kg, animals in warmer seas are generally smaller. It has eight arms with four rows of suckers each ...

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Common cuttlefish are predators and, like many cephalopods, occasionally indulge in a bit of cannibalism.

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Sepia officinalis generally reaches maturity at 14 to 18 months of age. (Jereb and Roper, 2005; King, 2009; "Common cuttlefish- Sepia officinalis", 2003) ...

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Find out what's known about Common Cuttlefishes, Sepia officinalis, Cephalopoda, Sepiida, Sepiidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

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Range Description: This species has a wide geographic distribution (Reid et al. 2005). It occurs in the northeast and east Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea  ...

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Like other cephalopods, the common cuttlefish (Sepia officials) is no dummy. But while octopuses are quick to learn manual tasks like opening jars, cuttlefish ...