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What are common flu symptoms? Is it flu or cold symptoms? ... cold symptoms or the flu? It's important to know the difference between flu and cold symptoms.

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May 23, 2016 ... People who have the flu often feel some or all of these symptoms: ... vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

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Flu symptoms can be similar to those of a cold, although they tend ... vomiting and diarrhea, but this is more common in children.

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Unsure if you have the flu or the common cold? Wondering if there is a treatment available for the flu? In this section, you will find a description of flu symptoms, ...

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Apr 28, 2016 ... What are flu (influenza) symptoms in adults and in children? ... such as the common cold, influenza (flu) infection usually causes a more severe ...

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Nov 30, 2015 ... Plus, learn about cold vs. flu symptoms, when to call a doctor, and when to get ... It is a common cause of acute respiratory illness and can affect ...

Flu Symptoms (Influenza Symptoms): Signs, Duration, Complications


Feb 5, 2016 ... Find out all about the signs and symptoms of influenza, the seasonal respiratory illness that is commonly referred to as flu. Flu is most common ...

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To get the last word on how to treat—and how not to treat—the common cold and flu, ... The treatment will reduce the intensity of symptoms, hasten recovery, and ...

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How can I tell if I have a cold or the flu? Although the common cold and the flu share many similar symptoms, they are 2 different conditions. The symptoms of a  ...

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Read about Flu and Flu symptoms online. Many viruses can cause a flu-like illness. There is usually a seasonal outbreak of influenza (flu) in the UK each winter.

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Do you know the common flu symptoms? Do you know how flu is different from a cold? Learn more about flu symptoms and types so you'll know what you're up ...

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Initially, the flu may seem like a common cold with a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat. But colds usually develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come on ...

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Oct 28, 2013 ... Flu-related fevers are typically 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. While a fever is a common symptom in early flu stages, not everyone with the ...