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How Does the Mac Compare to a PC?
Computer enthusiasts have debated for years over which computer is better: a Mac or a PC. Mac ran a long campaign starring Justin Long, highlighting the benefits of using a Mac over a PC, which added fuel to the debate. Like any debate, personal opinion... More »
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Mac vs PC - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

Mac vs PC comparison. A PC generally refers to a computer that runs on the Windows operating system. It is also defined as an IBM-compatible computer, ...

Mac* vs. PC Debate - Intel

Get the Mac* vs. PC details on everything from the latest features to compatibility and reliability so you can make the right computer choice for you.

10 Differences Between Macs and PCs - HowStuffWorks

Wondering what the differences are between Macs and PCs? ... In this article, we' re comparing Apple computers running Mac OS X -- no hackintoshes to be ...

The 9 Most Important Differences Between Macs And PCs ...

Aug 17, 2012 ... As Windows 8 nears, here are some easy ways to pick the PC that's right ... Macs and PCs have been locked in an epic battle for many years.

PC or Mac? Which is best for me?

About this test. Mac or PC? When buying a new computer your main comparison will be between these two systems: Mac: Apple's Macbook or iMac with it's ...

Why Macs are better than PCs - Macworld UK

Dec 11, 2013 ... Any comparison of Macs and PCs needs to note that Macs are PCs. In fact, as Apple used to say in every boilerplate of every press release: ...

Mac vs. PC - Computer Hope

A comparison between the Mac and PC computers.

Mac vs PC: Which should I buy? -

Q. Is it possible to summarise the main differences between Macs and PCs, the key features .... Malware exists on Macs but it's very rare in comparison to PCs.

Mac vs. PC: Mythbusting Guide for Consumers - Hongkiat

In this article, we will compare both companies in a very neutral manner! ... It's no surprise that the war between Mac and PC users has been going on for ages.

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Q: Compare mac notbooks & pc notebooks?
A: 3 months ago i changed my pc notebook to a mac book pro notebook....and now i think mac is the best lap top on earth.... MAC: 1.stable os 2.never heard about ma... Read More »
Q: How to compare Mac & PC Specs?
A: No GPU means worse editing. Get PC with i3-2120, 6 GB DDR3 240-pin (most of the time) RAM (they are CHEAP nowadays) and as for GPU opt for a Quadro or FirePro. ... Read More »
Q: How Does the Mac Compare to a PC?
A: Similarities. Both the Mac and the PC have the same inner workings, including RAM memory, a motherboard, processor, hard drive and graphics card. Due to this, y... Read More »
Q: How to Compare & Contrast the Mac and PC.
A: It's hard to find objective criteria that rate the Mac's OS operating system above the current operating system for the PC, which is Microsoft's Windows 7. Howe... Read More »
Q: Compare mac os and PC os?
A: There is no such thing as "PC OS. The IBM PC and compatibles are host to a variety of operating systems, including MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, OS/2, FreeBSD... Read More »