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Energy Bars
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Total Time: 35 minutes   Yield: 20 bars
Level: Easy   
Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a 9 by 13-inch baking pan with cooking spray.Place all ingredients except the syrup and eggs in a food processor and pulse until the mixture is finely chopped. Add the syrup and eggs and pulse until the mixture is More»
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Energy bars come in all different tastes, textures, and types. Although many base energy bars around taste, there are other aspects of the nutrition and purpose ...


Mar 7, 2013 ... Energy bars play a number of roles in an athlete's life. Sometimes we reach for them during hard workouts, sometimes as on-the-go meal ...


Jul 29, 2015 ... Sure, protein bars can be part of a healthy lifestyle, but most are loaded with sugar and other unwelcome additives. We evaluated them all so ...


Feb 11, 2012 ... With so many different energy bars and energy “chews” on the market, ... and compare actual grams of sugar when choosing a lower sugar bar.


May 11, 2015 ... Energy bars marketed as health alternatives to full meals are often nothing more than ... Compare to: one frosted chocolate fudge Pop Tart. Bar: ...


May 13, 2015 ... ... is almonds, which are an energy-dense "healthy food based on their composition ... Crosby: The food scientist compares the Luna bar with the Clif bar "in that it ... Mangieri: Don't try to compare it to other bars, says Mangieri.


Here is an energy bars comparison of 5 popular energy bars that are used by endurance athletes. They are: PowerBar, Hammer, Honey Stinger, Clif Bar, and ...


At first glance this nutrition bar may look like a smart choice before you hit the gym, but if you take a closer look at the label, you'll see your pre-workout energy  ...


They're in the cereal aisle, in the form of breakfast bars and granola bars. ... or so before we exercise, so we'll have plenty of energy to get through the workout.