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scores, local placement test scores, or high school course work and grade ... Chapter 4 explains the tables and figures in your CPS report, and provides ...


Like ACT and ASSET scores, COMPASS scores can be used to place ... Table 1 shows weighted mean test scores, standard deviations, sample sizes, and ...


The math placement test evaluates your knowledge in pre-algebra, algebra, ... The scoring scale is from zero to 100, with a 75 being a common threshold to ...


Understanding Your ACT Test Scores. Your advisor will use these scores to determine course placement. Entry Scores and Course Placement ...


Home > Testing Center > ACT/COMPASS/Accuplacer Classic/ALEKS Placement Scores ... ACT, COMPASS Scores, ALEKS, Course Recommendations.


COMPASS test score chart is one of the best ways of analyzing the mistakes so that every test taker gets an opportunity to take the test again in order to improve  ...


Compass Placement test “cut” scores in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. ... Student course level pass rates by test score range are detailed in Table 2. For.


Placement Score Equivalencies Chart. To ensure your success and correct course placement, you must have test scores on file before registering for classes .


Compass Test scores are used in order to place students into classes. ... If you are below the cut-off score of your college's Compass Test score chart, you may ...


Placement. PERT. Accuplacer CPT. SAT. Taken prior to March 1, 2016. Redesigned SAT Reading Test Score. Taken on or after March 1, 2016. ACT. FCAT 2.0.