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Take advantage of these chips' fuel economy tuning capabilities to save more at the pump. ... DiabloSport PC Interface - USB Cable Kit ... cost effective way to improve the gas mileage on your car, truck, SUV or van—with gas prices sky high , ...

Should You Hack Your Car for Better Mileage? | Money Talks News


Mar 23, 2011 ... ... to let you hack into your car's computer to improve your gas mileage. ... the fuel consumption of your engine by installing a performance chip.

Do those aftermarket computer chips really do anything noticable ...


I dont really mean horsepower, but better fuel mileage and stuff? ... run lean so a chip will make the car burn more fuel to make better power.

Gas mileage increase with a chip change? - Automotive | DSLReports ...


Forum discussion: I have seen auto computer chips for sale that claim a %15 increase in gas mileage. Supposedly the factory chips run the fuel ...

Getting Better Fuel Mileage with Performance Chips - Autos.com


Oct 7, 2013 ... Getting Better Fuel Mileage with Performance Chips ... to a chip inside your vehicle's computer that dictates fuel mapping and ignition timing.

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Nov 15, 2010 ... Increase Gas Mileage for Trucks - Increase Truck MPG (Fuel Saver) Get ... high- flow muffler or those MPG pills or a gas mileage computer chip.

Chip Tuning advantages for gas mileage and power | MpgEnhance ...


Chip tuning or vehicle computer tuning is a way to reprogram key ... methods to increase horsepower, torque and even improve fuel economy is vehicle tuning.

Looking For A Miracle: We Test Automotive 'Fuel Savers'


Aug 24, 2005 ... PM's Mike Allen puts the latest MPG gadgets to the test. ... boost power, reduce emissions and, of course, improve mileage by 20, 40, even 300 percent! .... the fuel-injection management computer checks the amount of oxygen ...

Replace These 5 Car Parts For Better Gas Mileage | Bankrate.com


Looking to get better gas mileage? ... Replace 5 car parts to boost gas mileage ... AutoPartsWarehouse.com recently looked at car parts that can improve gas mileage and picked the top five. .... I have a Mazda Miata with a performance chip . ... It annoys me how the modern car is so reliant on sensors and computers. It's true ....

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A computer module tweaks a vehicle's onboard computer, adding an average of 50 horsepower, and increasing fuel economy up to 10 percent, all at the push of ...

Improving Gas Mileage
Filling up is a fact of every driver's life, but for some drivers it is a necessary evil. If you are one of those people who gulps every time you have to fill up your vehicle, there's good news: there are some simple things you can do to improve your fuel economy... More »
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Will I Get Better Gas Mileage with a Performance Chip? | eBay


Many cars are limited in this way as a result of the factory computer settings ... If the driver is going to use these chips to improve mileage, the car will need more ...

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... of Automotive Aftermarket Products to Help Increase Fuel Economy in Cars, ... Plus, Superchip engine computer chips are a great way to improve horse power ...

Do Engine Programmers Really Work? Here's the Facts | THE SHOP


Jun 5, 2014 ... Whether known as programmers, engine performance tuners, chips, or gauge ... tuner is essentially a single-purpose mini-computer that includes an on-dash or ... Using a tuner it is possible to increase gasoline or diesel engine ... “I can get the fuel economy of a smaller truck when I keep my foot out of it, ...