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Business Etiquette for Condolences
Bereaved business associates usually appreciate condolence correspondence and sympathies from professional contacts and coworkers. It is generally appropriate to send letters of condolence to coworkers, managers and other superiors, as well as to... More »
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Loss, Grieving, and Condolences - Emily Post Institute

... Separation and Divorce · Home | Home and Family Life | Loss, Grieving, and Condolences ... 6, Funeral Etiquette: Giving a Eulogy. 7, Funeral Etiquette: At The  ...

Bereavement Questions and Answers - Emily Post Institute

They host etipedia®, the online etiquette encyclopedia and conduct etiquette training. ... What do I write in a sympathy note to my coworker who lost her brother ?

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They host etipedia®, the online etiquette encyclopedia and conduct etiquette ... Because sympathy notes and letters are too personal to follow a set form, one ...
There are very few instances in life that are not spoken to by the rules of what is commonly called etiquette. Certainly gifts of flowers and food are both appropriate to send or take to the grieving family and if you are prevented from attending the funeral (due to di... More »
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What Is a Proper Condolence Gift? - Quick and Dirty Tips

Nov 11, 2012 ... 3 easy etiquette tips for proper condolence gifts. ... And after you do talk to them, how do you choose a condolence gift that shows the ...

Offering Condolences -

Your free guide to funeral etiquette for offering condolences including what to say / what to do as well as things to avoid.

Can You Post Condolences on Facebook? - Quick and Dirty Tips

Nov 4, 2013 ... Facebook is a fast and easy way to get your thoughts out there, but a certain line of etiquette gets crossed when a sad personal experience ...

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A letter of condolence should be sent promptly after the death announcement. It should be well thought out and appropriate to the relationship with the deceased  ...

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Offering Condolences Etiquette. No amount of condolences can take away the pain of losing a loved one. But saying or doing the wrong thing can certainly add  ...

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Q: Boss Condolences Etiquette.
A: Email vs. Card. E-mail condolences are appropriate if you primarily communicate with your supervisor via e-mail. However, a handwritten note should immediately ... Read More »
Q: Offering Condolences Etiquette.
A: Upon hearing the news. Listen to the bearer of the bad news attentively before you interject with your sympathies. If you were close to the deceased, a simple "... Read More »
Q: What's the etiquette with offering condolences?
A: YOu buy whatever you want and go over there and give it to them personally like a fruit basket , or cookies,cake donuts a card flowers . You just make sure you ... Read More »
Q: Condolence card etiquette.?
A: Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I wouldn't send a card but would take them a meal and some cookies or brownies for the children. I would tell them you ar... Read More »
Q: What is the Proper etiquette as to condolences for a stillborn ch...
A: The death of any child is most difficult and the parents and their family in mourning are privately grieving and other than paying one's respects by sending a s... Read More »