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The Confederate flag stands for southern pride to some people, while others associate it with bigotry and/or racism. It served as the official flag of the Confederate States of Ame...

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This article is about historical uses of flags associated with the Confederate States of America. For modern uses, see Modern display of the Confederate flag.

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The First Official Flag of the Confederacy. Although less well known than the " Confederate Battle Flags",the Stars and Bars was used as the official flag of the ...
While this flag (the "Navy Jack") is generally recognized as the official flag of the Confederacy, there were a number of Confederate Flags used during the Civil War. The South Carolina State House in Columbia displays three flags in the following order from top to bot... More »
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Please note that due to the decisions by other companies to discontinue the sale and production of Confederate flags, our orders are not going out as quickly as ...

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The Confederate Flag: Controversy and Culture. Introduction to a Semiotic Analysis. The Confederate flag is one of the most controversial, inflammatory icons of ...

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Jun 24, 2015 ... The racist massacre in a South Carolina church has tipped the balance in a decades-old tug of war over the meaning of the Confederate battle ...

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Browse Confederate Flag latest news and updates, watch videos and view all photos and more. Join the discussion and find more about Confederate Flag at ...

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Q: How to Fold a Confederate Flag.
A: 1. Folding the flag requires two people facing each other and holding the flag horizontally at waist height. Fold the flag with the lower half lengthwise over t... Read More »
Q: How to Raise the Confederate Flag.
A: 1. The Confederate flag must always be raised and displayed with the American flag. The American flag is to be displayed on the right of the Confederate flag, a... Read More »
Q: When was the confederate flag used?
A: The Confederates had more then one flag but the one flag that comes to mind today is the stars and bars flag. The one found on the Dukes of Hazzard Car The Gene... Read More »
Q: Who painted the Confederate flag?
A: The original confederate flag wasn't painted. It was manufactured out of bunting cloth just as flags are today, by the Charleston Clothing Depot. The flag which... Read More »
Q: What was the confederate flag called?
A: The Confederate battle flag is also called the "Southern Cross" or the cross of Read More »