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A non-phenoxy herbicide, Confront® specialty herbicide is ideal for high-use areas including golf courses, parks, commercial grounds and other public facilities.

Confront Specialty Herbicide, Confront Herbicide


Confront Herbicide is broad-spectrum and controls over 35 difficult-to-manage broadleaf weeds. Broad-spectrum control can be achieved with just one treatment ...

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Confront*. Specialty Herbicide. For the control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in established turf. Active Ingredients: triclopyr: 3,5,6-trichloro-2- ...

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Page 1 of 15. SAFETY DATA SHEET. DOW AGROSCIENCES LLC. Product name: CONFRONTHerbicide. Issue Date: 05/11/2015. Print Date: 05/12/2015.

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turf continues to be Confront® specialty herbicide. A nonphenoxy herbicide, Confront is ideal for high-use areas, including parks, golf courses, commercial ...

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Aug 12, 2015 ... Product details of Confront Specialty Herbicide by Dow AgroSciences.

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What is everyone planning on using next year when confront is taken off the market. Every good herbicide I use has confront in it. I asked my ...

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Confront is in the “Pyridine” chemical category and works differently than the “ Phenoxy”(2,4-D) herbicides. The combination of triclopyr and clopyralid works well ...

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Confront Herbicide combination Triclopyr and Clopyralid is a great, effective, ... A non-phenoxy herbicide, Confront® specialty herbicide is ideal for high-use ...

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surfactant designed to enhance the activity of a specific herbicide. When a ... Confront. Clopyralid + triclopyr. 65, 77. Crossbow. Triclopyr + 2,4-D. 77, 78. Curtail.

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Confront - Turf & Ornamental - Dow AgroSciences


Find product information for Confront herbicide from Dow AgroSciences Turf & Ornamentals.

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Confront® specialty herbicide is a broad-spectrum weed killer for control of broadleaf weeds in established cool season and warm season turfgrass, including ...

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Confront* specialty herbicide is a broad-spectrum weed killer for control of broadleaf ... turfgrass. Confront is recommended for use on the following turf species:.