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A love triangle is usually a romantic relationship involving three people. While it can refer to two ... Statistics suggest that, in Western society, "wittingly or not, most adults have been .....

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Robert J. Kolker's answer is correct. It's a joke written in "Confucius-say" faux- broken English, like in a fortune cookie or an old Charlie Chan movie. Many would ...

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My fortune: :) Confucius say: lovers in triangle not on square. :) (Smiles are verbatim). First of all, I'm pretty sure Confucius never said that.

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Share your best Confucius proverbs here! Lol And someone please ... ' Confucious say: Lovers in triangle not in square.' That was just in my ...

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Apr 18, 2013 ... I'm not sure about that, but it would explain a LOT of things to me. Now, is it just ... “Confucius says: lovers in triangle not on square.” “Fortune ...

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"Confucius say: lovers in triangle, not on square." - A fortune cookie I found when I was sixteen that I try to live by every day.

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“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”; “It is better ..... “Confucius say lovers in triangle not on square”: too confusing. Fortune  ...

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其中有一个孔子的名言被很多美国人奉为经典,但是不见于中文经传,大有杜撰之嫌 。原文如下:Confucius say: Lovers in triangle not on square.

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Confucius say: lovers in triangle not on square.” ... “Confucius say: if you think you're going to sum up your whole life on this little bit of paper, you're crazy.”

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... and a prefect example of the wise words of Confucius: “Lovers in triangle are not square. ... So, one could say it's a little too fast paced, but I still say it's worth it.

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Sep 22, 2013 ... "Lovers in triangle not on square." (-Confucius). Bolin took a deep breath and stepped forward, willing himself to be confident. Which was much ...

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Aug 7, 2014 ... Sensei's Library, page: Confucius, keywords: Culture & History, People. ... " Confucius say: Lovers in triangle, not in square" -- Found in one of ...

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Feb 22, 2006 ... Confucius say: Lovers in triangle not on square. What the hell does that mean?! Go for threesomes, not for foursomes? This fortune cookie was ...