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Congruence (geometry)


Two triangles are congruent if their corresponding sides are equal in length, in which case their corresponding ...

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Congruent Triangles. Triangles are congruent when they have exactly the same three sides and exactly the same three angles.

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Use the triangle congruence criteria SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS to determine that two triangles are congruent.

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In many geometrical proofs, it may be necessary to prove that two triangles are congruent to each other. The task may simply be to prove the triangles congruent,  ...

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Congruent Triangles. This manipulative allows you to construct two triangles from various combinations of sides and angles. You can choose to work with any ...

Congruent Triangles


Similar triangles have the same shape, but the size may be different. Remember " ≅" means "is ... Corresponding Triangles, Corresponding Congruent Angles.

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Investigate congruence by manipulating the parts (sides and angles) of a triangle . If you can create two different triangles with the same parts, then those parts ...

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The good news is that when proving triangles congruent, it is not necessary to prove all six facts to show congruency. There are certain ordered combinations of  ...

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Congruent triangles have the same size and shape. Learn the basic properties of congruent triangles and how to identify them with this free math lesson.

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Fun math practice! Improve your skills with free problems in 'Congruent triangles: SSS, SAS, and ASA' and thousands of other practice lessons.

What Makes Triangles Congruent?
Triangles can be congruent if they meet a certain number of characteristics. Learn about what makes triangles congruent with help from an experienced mathematics professional in this free video clip.... More »
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Sal uses the SSS, ASA, SAS, and AAS postulates to find congruent triangles.

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Definition and properties of congruent triangles - testing for congruence.

Recognizing Congruent Triangle Theorems


Two triangles are congruent if all pairs of corresponding sides are congruent, and all pairs of corresponding angles are congruent. Fortunately, we do not need ...