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In psychology, meaning-making is the process of how persons construe, understand, or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self. Through meaning-making, persons are "retaining, reaffirming, revising, or replacing elements of their orienting system to develop more nuanced, complex and useful systems". ... How large can a building be, even if constructed on a solid foundation?


Strategic readers use a variety of strategies to construct meaning. ... Monitoring, the process of knowing when what you are reading is not making sense and having ... include such things as asking oneself whether the reading is making sense, ...


Readers construct meaning by making connections between their prior ... Mental images can include sights, sounds, smells, tastes, sensations, and emotions. ... In Making Meaning grade 2, the students visualize to make sense of figurative ... Synthesizing is a complex process that requires readers to visualize, use schema , ...


To make sense of what they read, good readers engage in a complicated process. .... The steps of explicit instruction typically include direct explanation, teacher ... how reading is a process of making sense out of text, or constructing meaning.


However, when you look at the sentence as a whole, does it make sense? ... When a person reads a text he engages in a complex array of cognitive processes. ... letters and words) and ability to comprehend or construct meaning from the text. ... These include monitoring for understanding, answering and generating ...


Comprehension is a complex process that has been understood and ... construct meaning by interacting with text through the combination of prior ... be able to make sense of what is being read. (Butcher & Kintsch ... Knowledge includes back-.


Generation Ready: An Overview of the Reading Process Maria Utevsky and Sheena Hervey. 1. Reading as a ... children construct knowledge and acquire the language to .... Meaning. Searching for meaning in illustrations and photos. “ What would make sense?” Me a ... includes letters, letter clusters, words, sentences, and ...


Reading is a sophisticated activity, which includes psychological, linguistic, and ... The process of reading involves constructing meaning among the ... reader to go beyond what is explicitly stated in order to make sense of them .... complex. Memory cognitive strategies help the reader remember and retrieve information.


Successfully implementing innovations in complex organisations, such as the UK's ... These studies further suggest that the nature and definition of evidence is often ... These health-care decision-makers have varying backgrounds and include ... (2) the processes by which health-care managers constructed meaning of ...


Mar 21, 2012 ... Making sense of evidence in management decisions: the role of ... Successfully implementing innovations in complex organisations, such as the UK's National ... Mediating factors include health policy and health system influences, .... level the processes by which healthcare managers construct meaning of ...