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In psychology, meaning-making is the process of how persons construe, understand, or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self. Through meaning-making, persons are "retaining, reaffirming, revising, or replacing elements of their orienting system to develop more nuanced, complex and useful systems". ... How large can a building be, even if constructed on a solid foundation?


Strategic readers use a variety of strategies to construct meaning. ... Monitoring, the process of knowing when what you are reading is not making sense and having ... include such things as asking oneself whether the reading is making sense, ...


Comprehension is a complex process that has been understood and ... construct meaning by interacting with text through the combination of prior ... be able to make sense of what is being read. (Butcher & Kintsch ... Knowledge includes back-.


The Making Meaning program explicitly teaches comprehension ... Readers construct meaning by making connections between their prior knowledge and ... In Making Meaning grade 2, the students visualize to make sense of figurative ... Synthesizing is a complex process that requires readers to visualize, use schema , ...


To make sense of what they read, good readers engage in a complicated process. .... The steps of explicit instruction typically include direct explanation, teacher ... how reading is a process of making sense out of text, or constructing meaning.


This study examined the role of searching for and making sense of loss in late-life ... Personal construct systems (Kelly, 1955), life schemes (Thompson ... Today marks week twelve of his death, and I am in the process of designing his gravestone. ... of both “normal” and complicated grief (Keesee, Currier & Neimeyer, 2008) ...


includes not only acquiring knowledge but also be- ing able to use ... only to remember but also to make sense of and be able to use what ... explain a complex electric circuit. Although .... gage in the process of constructing meaning. Cognitive ...


Other names for cognitive structures include mental structures, mental tools, and ... Students use cognitive structures to process information and create meaning by (1) ... It is very important to ask students what sense they make of information we ... them to imitate what we do rather than to construct meaning for themselves.


make sense of what we are observing. Making ... revise your definition of microbes to include fungi and .... comprehension processes to construct meaning from.