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The U.S. policy of containment after World War II attempted to inhibit the spread and influence of communism and the Soviet Union worldwide. The Soviet state at the time actively e...



Containment is a military strategy to stop the expansion of an enemy. It is best known as the Cold War policy of the United States and its allies to prevent the ...

Kennan and Containment, 1947 - 1945–1952 - Milestones - Office of ...


George F. Kennan, a career Foreign Service Officer, formulated the policy of “ containment,” the basic United States strategy for fighting the cold war (1947– 1989) ...

First laid out by George F. Kennan in 1947, Containment stated that communism needed to be contained and isolated, or it would spread to neighboring countries. This spread would allow the Domino Theory to take hold, meaning that if one country fell to communism, then ... More »
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Containment and the Marshall Plan [ushistory.org]


This illustration from the July 16, 1948, U.S. News magazine shows the beginnings of American containment policy. The U.S. is seen sending troops, advisors ...

The Containment Policy - Digital History


An article in the July 1947 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, signed X, proposed that the West adopt a policy of "containment" toward the Soviet Union.

The Cold War and Containment - Boundless


Truman's Containment policy was the first major policy during the Cold War and used numerous strategies to prevent the spread of communism abroad.

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Learn more about containment in foreign policy in the Boundless open textbook.

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As such, this Policy of Containment stated that the US would try to stop (contain) the spread of Communism by creating strategic alliances or support to help ...

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Q: What was the importance of containment policy?
A: It stopped the spead of communism. Hardly, as there was no communism to stop. Just Totalitarian Dictatorship. Read More »
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Q: What was Truman's containment policy.
A: Stop the spread of communism (make sure it stays where it is, and let's reduce it if possible). Read More »
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Q: When was the containment policy signed.
A: Nov, 26. 1997. Read More »
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Q: What is the containment policy.
A: Claus here to help! The containment policy was America's attempt to prevent The Soviet Union from expansion in 1947. Claus here to help! The containment policy ... Read More »
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Q: What was Truman's containment policy?
A: Containment is the policy to control the spread of communism, developed under Pres. Truman. NATO was then formed for that Read More »
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