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The limbic system is responsible for processing and controlling emotions in the human brain. The limbic system contains several structures, which are the hypothalamus, the hippocam...

5 Ways to Get Your Unwanted Emotions Under Control | Psychology ...

Feb 7, 2015 ... Being able to control your emotions is key to your happiness as well as ... Feel free to join my Facebook group, "Fulfillment at Any Age (link is ...

6 Steps to Controlling Your Emotions | Dr. Carmen Harra

Jul 30, 2013 ... To avoid the burn of acting out during an emotional upsurge, take a few ... Follow my six steps to control your emotions and regain rationality in ...

5 Ways to Gain Control of Your Emotions - wikiHow

Five Methods:Controlling Your Emotions In the MomentIdentifying and .... You may make everything “about you”: for example, “My spouse seemed really irritated ...

Are Your Emotions Driving You Crazy? - Joyce Meyer Ministries

I wanted to buy a nice watch so the band wouldn't change colors and turn my wrist ... Remember—control your emotions instead of letting them control you.

How to Control Your Emotions -

Controlling your emotions isn't about pretending they are not there. If you feel ..... I believe its called assertiveness B) Keep control of my emotions. He gets mad ...

How To Control Your Emotions Effectively -

Jan 20, 2014 ... Learning to control your emotions can be one of the best skills you will ever develop in your life. Your emotions lead to the actions you take and ...

How can I learn to control my emotions when I don't even know what ...

I can learn to control my emotions by being more aware of my surroundings and the triggers which may set them of. Some things can be avoided to suppress ...

Managing Your Emotions at Work - Career Development - Mind Tools

It may become harder and harder to manage your emotions under these circumstances, but it's .... Out-of-control anger is perhaps the most destructive emotion that people experience in the workplace. ... Add this article to My Learning Plan.

How to Control Your Emotions in Any Situation | Love or Above

Mar 27, 2012 ... Emotions can control you - or you can control your emotions! .... and ive been suffering from my emotions i simply dont know how to control it i ...

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Q: How to control my emotions?
A: Identify the emotions you need. Focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly to help reduce your heart rate and bring more oxygen to your brain. When you ... Read More »
Q: How to controll my emotions?
A: ask your mom to let you talk to him and things will get better try to write him letters or emails. tell him you miss him and love him. Source(s) me. Read More »
Q: How to control my emotions?
A: Emotions are the ripples in the pond of the mind. All emotions start of as thoughts so when you seek to control your emotions you must first look to your mind. ... Read More »
Q: How to Control My Emotions
A: When I was 5 months prego with my second child, my mom moved to Nevada (from CA). I was so mad! How could she leave her only grandbabies to live in Las Vegas? D... Read More »
Q: How to control my emotions?
A: The key is to view your emotions as waves. Instead of drowning in them, get up on top and float on them. If you are afraid of your emotions, your anxiety will b... Read More »