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Convert Fuel consumption, Miles per gallon


The distance travelled per unit volume of fuel used; for example, kilometres per litre (km/L) or miles per gallon (mpg). In this case, the higher the value, the more ...

Mile Per Gallon Conversion Chart (Fuel Economy Converter, U.S. ...


Conversion chart for mile per gallon (U.S. system, fuel economy units). Instant conversion of fuel consumption (fuel economy) units.

Online Conversion - Miles Per Gallon Calculator


Determine how many miles per gallon your car gets.

Fuel Consumption Converter - The Calculator Site


Use this fuel consumption converter to convert instantly between kilometers per liter, liters per 100 km, miles per gallon and other metric and imperial fuel ...

Convert MPG to Litre (Miles Per Gallon to Liter Converter)


Convert car fuel consumption. Convert miles per gallon (imperial) to liters per 100 kms (MPG to litre).

Fuel Cost Calculator - Calculator.net


Tuning up your existing vehicle for the best mile per gallon (MPG), which include inflating the tire properly, remove unnecessary weight of the vehicle, engine ...

Calculating Miles Per Gallon - InflationData.com


It is relatively easy to calculate how many miles per gallon you are getting. Some cars actually calculate it for you as you are driving. But if yours doesn't calculate ...

MilesGallon.com - Convert Miles to Gallons


Fuel mileage calculations and conversion. ... Find out the miles per gallon value of your vehicle. When you click calculate the amount of gas needed for your trip ...

Gas Mileage Calculator - Calculator Soup


Calculate car miles per gallon or MPG by entering odometer readings and gallons ... Equivalent fuel economy/efficiency ratings are converted and shown for all ...