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Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour - Metric Conversion


Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour (kph to mph) conversion calculator for Speed conversions with additional tables and formulas.

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Quickly convert kph into mph (kph to mph) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more.

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A kilometer per hour is a unit of speed. Something traveling one kilometer per hour is traveling about 0.278 meters per second, or about 0.621 miles per hour.

Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour Converter (kph to mph)


Convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour units of speed, kph to mph conversion tool with speed units conversion table and kph to mph examples.

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Online calculators to convert miles per hour to kilometers per hour (mph to km/h) and kilometers per hour to miles per hour (km/h to mph). Our conversions ...

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Speed conversion table. KPH. MPH. 5. 3.1. 10. 6.2. 15. 9.3. 20. 12.4. 25. 15.5. 30. 18.6. 35. 21.7. 40. 24.8. 45. 28. 50. 31.1. 55. 34.2. 60. 37.3. 65. 40.4. 70. 43.5.

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Velocity unit conversion between kilometer/hour and mile/hour, mile/hour to kilometer/hour conversion in batch, kph mph conversion chart.

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This demonstration shows the bi-directional conversion of MPH and KPH values. Enter the speed; select how to convert and click on Convert. View Source.

Convert Kph to Mph


Instant online speed units of kilometer/hour to mile/hour conversion. The kilometer/hour [km/h] to mile/hour [mi/h] conversion table and conversion steps are also ...

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Nov 7, 2013 ... Converting from mph to km/h (imperial to metric). ... mph is how you say miles per hour, it's on every road sign.... Read more. Show less. Reply
One kilometer per hour is equal to 0.6213751 miles per hour.
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Kilometers per hour to Miles per hour table - Metric Conversion


Kilometers per hour. 20.000; 21.000; 22.000; 23.000; 24.000; 25.000; 26.000; 27.000; 28.000; 29.000; 30.000; 31.000; 32.000; 33.000; 34.000; 35.000; 36.000  ...

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Convert Kilometers Per Hour to Miles Per Hour. ... 1 kilometer per hour (kph) = 0.621371192 mile per hour (mph). Enter value in left-hand textfield then click ...

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A calculator to convert kilometers per hour to miles per hour and meters per second and feet per second and other speed units.