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Quickly convert steps into miles (steps to miles) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more.

Steps to Miles Conversion Chart


Steps to Miles Conversion Chart. Approximate – based on Shape Up America. Steps. Minutes. Miles. 500. = 5. = 1/4 mile. 1000. = 10. = 1/2 mile. 1500. = 15.

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www.uwyo.edu/wintherockies_edur/win steps/coordinator info/step conversions.pdf

Below is an estimated steps-to-distance conversion. ... depending on stride length, this chart uses an average 32” stride length. STEPS. MILES. KM. STEPS. MILES ... intensity of the activity is key to determining into which category it will fall.

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Aug 1, 2016 ... Find out how to calculate the number of steps you take to run a mile or kilometer using our guide. ... the slower speed (12-minute miles) compared to walking at a 15-minute per mile pace. ... Should you need to convert between feet, inches, centimeters and meters, you .... Please add a link into your website:.

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Use the calculator below to convert your total steps in to miles. ... Enter your stride length and total steps walked below. ... Steps to Miles Conversion Table ...

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To convert your walking steps into miles, wear a pedometer, walk 400 meters, then multiply the number of steps by four and use that number to estimate the ...

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Convert the number of steps from your pedometer to the number of miles and kilometers you walked. Enter steps walked (from pedometer):steps You.

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May 2, 2016 ... How many steps you take in a mile depends on your height and stride ... Where I went to college, the campus was about 1.3 miles in a straight line. ... Instead, you can base it off a shorter distance, or you can plug your height into a math formula. ... Then convert your stride length back to feet for the next step.

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Aug 12, 2013 ... The number of steps will vary with individual walking patterns. ... at the length of your step, and once you calculate your step length, enter the step length into your pedometer. ... How to Convert Exercise Bike Miles to Steps.

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Converts from Steps for you! Instantly Converts Steps to Miles and Many More Length Conversions Online. Steps Conversion Charts. Many Other Conversions.

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Steps to Distance Converter. Pedometer Step Counter to Miles or Kilometers ... For example 70 steps on a 50 meter course (5000 cm / 70 steps) would reveal a ...

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Use the calculator below to convert your total steps in to miles. First you will need to ... Enter your stride length and total steps walked below. Select Stride Length ...