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How to Convert Units of Measurement
In order to convert units of measurements, it's helpful to be familiar with a variety of conversion rates. Find out why it's important to know that 1 centimeter has 10 millimeters with help from a tutor and teacher in this free video on education in math... More »
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Conversion of units is the conversion between different units of measurement for the same quantity, typically through multiplicative conversion factors.


Convert between metric measures of distance, volume, and mass. ... Fill in the table to convert the units of measure from milliliters to liters or liters to milliliters.

Apr 18, 2008 ... This video shows how to convert one unit of measure to another using a chart.


May 2, 2017 ... Summary: You can convert units easily and accurately with one simple rule: just multiply the old measurement by a carefully chosen form of the ...


A unit is a measurement of a quantity that is defined or adopted by tradition or law . Other value of quantity can be expressed as a simple multiple of the unit.


This online unit conversion tool will help you convert measurement units anytime and solve homework problems quickly using metric conversion tables, SI units, ...


We can convert from km/h (kilometers per hour) to m/s (meters per second) like this: A kilometer ... Write the conversion as a fraction; Multiply; Cancel any units that are both top and bottom. You can ... Unit Conversion Tool Measurement Index.


Everyone asked this question at least once when struggling with some units conversion task. Why isn't there one measurement system that everyone uses? Alas ...


Convert 4 lbs into ounces. A. ... Convert 16 pecks into bushels. A. ... Determine if you're working with units that are being converted from smaller to larger, or from ...