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The lifetime exclusion of felons from jury service is the majority rule in ... the statutes that withhold a convicted felon's opportunity to sit on a jury. ... of Justice has argued that felon j...

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Convicted felons lose many of the civil rights afforded to Americans without a felony ... there are certain travel restrictions that may be levied by other countries.

Felony Restrictions


What kind of restrictions are most felons subjected to? ... Can a convicted felon, when released due to passing of father, be allowed to live with a school teacher ...

Legal Article: Consequences of a Federal Felony Conviction


A convicted felon may sit on a federal jury if an individual's civil rights have ... for freedom from "disabilities imposed by federal laws" (the possession of guns).

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Under the Florida Constitution, a convicted felon cannot vote, serve on a jury, ... A Pardon or Restoration of Civil Rights with no restrictions on firearms must be ...

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The rights a person loses when convicted of a felony depend largely on the state laws in which the felon resides, notes The Law Dictionary. The right to vote, ...

What Rights Do You Lose with a Felony Conviction in NY?


Feb 3, 2016 ... When the consequences of a criminal conviction are this serious, call ... “No person who has been convicted of a felony pursuant to the laws of ...

Consequences of a felony conviction in California


The consequences & effects of a California felony conviction, including criminal ... Similar restrictions apply to jobs with, or relating to, the federal government.

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May 10, 2016 ... ... are barred from voting. Felon voting laws state by state, ... (Convicted felons may vote by absentee ballot while in prison). 10 States, 20 States ...

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Convicted felons face a number of difficulties in attempting to reintegrate themselves ... State laws vary, but many states bar convicted felons (and even some ...

Restrictions for Convicted Felons
Certain restrictions on convicted felons continue long after a term of incarceration and parole or probation is completed. Some of these restrictions exist even if an individual is convicted of what amounts to a fairly minor felony.... More »
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Restrictions on Convicted Felons in Texas - Texas State Law Library


There are also many statutes, administrative rules, state court rules, and federal court rules that place further restrictions on convicted felons in Texas.

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NOTE: Where restrictions are state-based, New York law on restrictions and relief is ... CRD if he or she was convicted of no more than one felony and can apply.

Consequences of a Felony Conviction


Mar 28, 2003 ... Employers can ask job applicants whether they have been convicted of a crime although federal anti-discrimination laws place some ...