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From a water slide tester to a TV corpse, MSNBC dishes on the coolest jobs in the world.

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browse cooljobs.com: A listing of the top cool jobs ​and careers ​in the world ​ of​ entertainment, gastronomy, sports, travel, tech, computers - many of them ...

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Somewhere between your dream job and your real job are the best jobs in the ... While some of the coolest careers also rank among the world's rarest jobs, ...

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What if you could be lazy all day long as a job and be paid? And we say yes. Whaat?!? Well don't be too surprised, and check out some of the coolest jobs in the ...

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... supposed to let you know what job you might be well suited for one day? These five people have the coolest jobs ever, including "personal Ferrari shopper !"

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Jun 2, 2014 ... From whale transporter to food scientist, these are some of the most fascinating jobs in the 500.

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What's the coolest job ever? One that allows you to express your personality while doing something you love and getting paid for it (otherwise, it's a hobby).

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But did you know that you can find some of the coolest jobs just by knowing another language? Before we talk about the 10 top language jobs you can get, let's ...

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Dec 3, 2015 ... From dog walker to barista, most jobs in Los Angeles are already cool. (Because, hey -- you never know if you'll serve Samuel L. Jackson his ...

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Feb 16, 2016 ... While that's partially true, there are definitely some jobs that are objectively cooler than others. We found a few people who aren't just living for ...