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Maize also known as corn, is a large grain plant first domesticated by indigenous peoples in Mexico about 10,000 years ago. The six major types of corn are ...

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What food is more synonymous with summer than freshly picked corn on the cob ? Corn grows in "ears," each of which is covered in rows of kernels that are then ...

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You are here: Home / Topics / Crops / Corn ... Corn and Soybean Production Costs and Export Competitiveness in Argentina, Brazil, and the United States ...

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Corn (Zea mays), also called Indian corn, or maize, in agriculture, cereal plant of the tribe Maydeae of the grass family Poaceae, originating in the Americas, and ...

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Corn is one of the all-time favorite vegetables the United States. White (smaller sweeter) and yellow (bigger, more flavor) kerneled corn are the most popular ...

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Corn. Sweet corn is a warm-season vegetable that can be grown easily in any garden with sufficient light, fertility, growing season and space. It is especially ...

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Creating opportunities for long-term Iowa corn grower profitability. Learn more about Iowa Corn Growers Association and Iowa Corn Promotion Board.

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Corn definition, Also called Indian corn; especially technical and British, maize. a tall cereal plant, Zea mays, cultivated in many varieties, having a jointed, solid ...

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Corn can be significantly wetter with a late harvest, resulting in higher drying costs and ... Changes to farm working capital given higher corn, soybean prices.

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Welcome to the official website of the Illinois Corn Growers Association (ICGA) and Illinois Corn Marketing Board (ICMB), representing the interests of cor.

This is the only grain that's commonly eaten as a fresh vegetable.  Native to the Americas, corn is a great source of vitamin A, fiber, and other nutrients... More »
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