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Could Canon release a smaller, lighter 600mm f/4 monster? Recent ...


Mar 4, 2014 ... While your typical street photographer may be perfectly happy with a couple primes, avid fans of sports and wildlife photography need to go big.

Canon EF 600mm f/4 DO IS To Arrive in Late 2017 [CR2] - Canon Rumors


Canon EF 600mm f/4 DO IS To Arrive in Late 2017 [CR2] ... They said the ef 50mm f/1.2 L II would be ready when? Can't believe I beat ...

Canon 600mm f/4 DO on the Way - Dan Carr Photography


Oct 5, 2016 ... The technology allows a lens to be physically much smaller and lighter than a regular lens, ... Every time I pick it up, I can't believe how small and light it is! ... Patents for the 600mm f/4 DO have been floating around for some ... This week, the Canon Rumors website is reporting that the Canon EF 600mm f/4 ...

Dropping Canon - Photo.net Canon EOS Forum


They just introduced a revised M series, and the rumors are that they ... My approach has been to buy what I can afford without taking funds away ... The Sony body is smaller/lighter than the Canon but the lenses they ..... I'd love for Canon to make an L-quality EF-S 600mm f/4L for me to use on a 7D MkII.

600mm f/4 DO Any date of release ?: Canon SLR Lens Talk Forum ...


Anyone knows a ruff release date/month or year of 600mm f/4 DO ? .... What would you think if you were shooting a 5Ds, with a 400mm and a 1.4x, and ... I suspect that it will certainly be lighter than the 600 F4 ii and perhaps the 500 .... Agree.. prototype looks like very small lens and easily hand hold-able. it ...

Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM Lens 5125B002 B&H Photo Video


Buy Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM Lens features EF Mount L-Series Lens, ... Magnesium/Titanium for Lighter Weight; Attachment Slot for Wire-type Lock .... I can say that the modern lenses from Canon seem to require little or no lens ..... This lens is a monster in both size and weight compared to smaller zoom lenses.

Canon vs Nikon Telephoto Lenses - Photography Life


Sep 20, 2014 ... The Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II USM has 16 elements, while the Nikon ... Then after I read the description of the Canon lens, I realized that its parts are made of lighter magnesium ... But image quality is superb for all of these premium lenses. .... but it is a matter of time until Nikon releases a newer version.

600mm - Luminous Landscape


So, the challenge was, could I use medium format successfully for long-lens wildlife work? ... These lenses include a 400mm f/4, 500mm f/5.6, 600mm f/4, 800mm f/4, .... quick release plates be sure to buy aKirk QR1mount so that the ballhead can .... Certainly the Canon would win-out in terms of lower weight, ( though it's no .....

Nikon rumored to announce a new 200-500mm lens | Nikon Rumors


Jul 26, 2015 ... Price it lower than the canon 200-400 and that will be a winner. ... Maybe they could make it f/4.5 but I guess a 200-500/4-5.6 would be more realistic. ... Tamron 150-600/4.5-6.3 for 1000$? A Nikon 200-500/4-5.6 would probably ..... is just like full frame, only smaller, lighter, and with a bit less performance.

Nikon 500mm f/4E VR and 600mm f/4E VR ... - Photography Life


Jul 2, 2015 ... After Nikon released the 800mm f/5.6E VR and the 400mm f/2.8E VR .... “The new NIKKOR 500mm and 600mm f/4 lenses were developed to give .... (since they could have gotten a much lighter and slightly better lens for the ... Canon noted that e.g. their 600mm f/4 fluorite crystals take one year to grow.