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'Could of' or 'could have'? | Oxford Dictionaries


I could of told you that. instead of: I could have told you that. or alternatively: I could've told you that. The reason for the mistake is that the pronunciation of have  ...

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The phrase could have refers to something that was possible but did not occur in the past. In informal speech, it is contracted to could've, not could of.

Urban Dictionary: could of

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A common misconception among idiots who go by their ears rather than their brain. The real way to say it is "Could HAVE", i.e. "I could HAVE gone to the party" , ...

Correct English Grammar: Could Of or Could Have? | Ninja Creative


There is no such phrase as “could of” so why do so many people say and write it? The problem lies when you shorten 'could have' to 'could've'. Try saying it.

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“We could of used the right helping verb.” We understand where this mistake came from. It came from speech. The word “have” when joined with “could” to form ...

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i am attempting to explain the difference between could of and could have and really don't know if i am explaining it correctly or not. My example is: I could of ...

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Nov 26, 2015 ... One of the best parts from YGS 100, could of been longer tho .... If I wanted to see a snippet of YGS 100, I could of just watched the full thing...

etymology - How did the use of "could of" and "should of" originate ...


Nov 17, 2011 ... It bothers me that so many people use could of , would of , should of instead of could've or could have , etc. For instance, I have seen people ...

Is it "could of been" or "could have been?" - Daily Writing Tips


It's "Could have been". Could of been is one of my all time pet peeves. It makes me spit nails when I see someone use it lol. *spits a nail*

It's Never "Could Of"!


Aug 12, 2000 ... CHEAP AND EASY EXPLANATION: There is no such phrase as "could of" in English. Never, never, never write those two words together as a ...

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'Could of' or 'could have'? - Oxford Dictionaries


A common mistake is to write the word of instead of have or the contraction 've: I could of told you that. instead of: I could have told you that. or alternatively:.

Could Of or Could Have?


Write could have, should have, will have, or would have. If you want to emphasize the pronunciation, write it as a verb contraction: could've, should've, will've, ...

could of, should of, would of


This is one of those errors typically made by a person more familiar with the spoken than the written form of English. A sentence like “I would have gone if ...