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Nearly every country in the world participated in World War II, with the exception of a few .... The countries involved in or affected by World War II are listed here ...


Who was on which side in WW2? Who was involved in World War 2? Below is a list of the countries that fought in the war and the side they were on.


In the 20th century there were two 'world wars'. Many countries were affected by the wars. The first war lasted from 1914 to 1918. Though it was fought mostly in ...


We offer information on World War 2 History, World War 2 Facts, World War 2 ... independence restored in 1941); Republic of China (at war with Japan since ...


World War 2 Countries. Axis Powers (signers of the Tripartite Treaty). Germany; Italy; Japan. Co-signers of the Tripartite Treaty. Bulgaria (March 1st, 1941); Hungary ...


Mar 26, 2017 ... In World War II, about 50 Allied nations joined forces against Germany, ... a colony or dependency in the same color as the country governing it.


countries involved in World War Two. Map with the Participants in World War II: Dark Green: Allies before the attack on Pearl Harbour Light Green: Allied ...


List of countries that were involved in World War 2 on the side of the Allies or Axis powers including the list of countries that officially remained neutral.

Sep 11, 2011 ... And we fought against USSR even before WW2 started. ... If Russia wasn`t involved Germany would have won. ..... I thought 50 countries?.


Apr 5, 2015 ... Tags: 94 percent countries involved in WWII, 94% countries involved in ww2, 94 % countries involved in WWII, 94% countries involved in wwll, ...