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Only eight countries in the world are known to possess nuclear weapons, as of 2014: the United States, Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Pakistan and India. North ...

List of states with nuclear weapons


edit]. Belarus had 81 single warhead missiles stationed on its territory after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991.

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Nine countries together possess more than 15,000 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia maintain roughly 1,800 of their nuclear weapons on ...

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Seeking to prevent the nuclear weapon ranks from expanding further, the United States .... and New START-accountable delivery systems held by each country.

By 1945, the United States had succeeding in developing the world's first nuclear weapons thanks to the concerted efforts of the Manhattan Project team. It is likely that tens or even hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops would have died in a ground invasion of Japan, ... More »
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Jun 17, 2014 ... If you are including countries that do not acknowledge that they possess nuclear weapons there are probably several countries that are missing ...

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More than two dozen countries have nuclear power, but only a few have nuclear weapons or are suspected of pursuing nuclear weapons. Learn more about ...

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Nine countries in the world possess a total of 15,695 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia account for 93 percent of them. Since their peak in the  ...

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Sep 17, 2014 ... With international political tensions on the rise, the threat of an all-out nuclear war seems too close for comfort. What countries possess nuclear ...

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World Map shows location of top ten countries with largest nuclear weapons. While Russia is at top spot with 8,500 of nuclear weapons followed by United ...

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Q: Which countries have nuclear weapons?
A: This is a great map from Wikipedia. : Legend: Light Blue: NPT Nuclear-weapon States (China, France, Russia, UK, US). Red: Other States with nuclear weapons (Ind... Read More »
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Q: What country creates Nuclear weapons?
A: Any country that decides to can. All they need is about four years to build the nuclear materials processing infrastructure and a few competent Physics Grad stu... Read More »
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Q: Which countries have nuclear weapons?
A: There are 9 countries that have nuclear weapons: In order of Nuclear power. 1.Russia 13,000. 2.United States 9,400. 3.United Kingdom 1,850. 4.China 1,300. 5.Fra... Read More »
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Q: Which countrys have nuclear weapons?
A: The countries with nuclear weapons programs are Britain, France, China, India, Read More »
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Q: What countries own nuclear weapons?
A: Do to the U.S. stand on Nuclear Power many countries hide the fact that they have Read More »
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