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History of knitting


Knitting is the process of using two or more needles to loop yarn into a series of interconnected .... Sales of patterns and yarns slumped, as the craft was increasingly seen as ... Cornu, Georgette...

Ecological and evolutionary consequences of biotic homogenization


Corresponding author: Julian D. Olden (olden@lamar.colostate.edu). Opinion. TRENDS in .... versus source population, or disturbed versus non disturbed populations), but ..... 14 Kinzig, A.P., et al. eds (2002) The Functional Consequences of.

Olden et al (2010)


(Bruton, 1995; Harrison & Stiassny, 1999; Olden et al., ... To what extent do contemporary versus historical factors describing environmental factors and dispersal ...

Decrease in natural marine hydrocarbon seepage near Coal Oil ...

seeps.geol.ucsb.edu/articles/1999 Quigley et al Geology.pdf

Aug 15, 1996 ... volden and Harbaugh, 1983; Hornafius et al.,. 1999). ... et al., 1970) are predominantly oil exuded directly .... law (Craft and Hawkins, 1959).

The Diffusion of Doctrinal Innovations in Tort Law - Marquette Law ...


Kagan et al., The Business of State Supreme Courts, 1870-1970, 30 STAN. L. REV. .... material for additional innovation and make judges less inclined to craft .... Volden, The Role of Policy Attributes in the Diffusion of Innovations, 73 J. POL.

Political Vel Craft | Catholic Church vs Freemason's NWO


(11 years, 16 days) was the first Pope Canonized since St. Pius V in 1672. ..... Alex Jones Does An Al Sharpton On The Vatican! ..... Second Vatican Council document GAUDIUM ET SPES ~ Church in the Modern World. .... The mysterious voice which in olden days on the mountains of Epirus announced the death of Pan, ...

Psychoneuroimmunology and cancer: A decade of discovery ...


Jan 15, 2013 ... Siegel et al. estimated 13.7 million American cancer survivors were alive in January 2012 (Siegel et al., 2012b). .... Volden and Conzen foreshadow emerging interest in stress ..... Choi et al., 2011; M. Choi, B. Craft, S.A. Geraci.

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Mar 15, 2013 ... Paul A. Volden, Suzanne D. Conzen. The influence of .... ral killer cell activity in breast cancer patients (Levy et al., 1987;. Levy et al., 1985; Levy ...

Publications | Silliman Lab - Marine Conservation Ecology


... C. Craft, C. B. DePratter, D. DiIorio, J. T. Hollibaugh, C. Hopkinson, S. B. Joye, C. D. Meile, W. S. Moore, B. R. Silliman, .... Tallis, H. et al (238 co-authors). .... Thomsen, M. S. *, T. Wernberg, J. Olden, J. Griffin, and B. R. Silliman. ..... Bertness M. D., C. Crain, B. R. Silliman, M. C. Bazterrica, V. Renya, F. Hildago and...

Four out of five cider-makers under threat from EU tax call | Life and ...


Mar 7, 2015 ... “The exemption is fundamental to keeping craft cider-making going,” said Kaspar. ..... and (2) this was the origin of the v-sign, rather than e.g. the southern European ..... When Milliband, Clegg, Cameron et al churn out the same old yak that .... Talk about women at work - must have been in the olden days, ...

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Toward a More Balanced View of Non-Native Species - University of ...


et al. 2009). We are happy to read that Vitule et al. are in agreement with us that such biases should be .... positive versus negative effects. We concede that a reader ... Carey, M. P., B. L. Sanderson, K. A. Barnas, and J. D. Olden. 2012. Native ..... D. A. Beauchamp, D. W. Chess, J. A. Craft, M. A. Deleray, and B. S.. Hansen.

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Oct 1, 2014 ... Heindel 2010; Olden et al. 2011; U.S. EPA ... sions have been lacking [Beronius et al. 2010;. Gee 2008 ...... to craft evidencebased statements regarding the relation .... Howells DW, Sena ES, O'Collins V, Macleod MR. 2012.

The Diffusion of Local Antismoking Policies - New York University


Shipan and Volden's (2005) investigation of antismoking laws, Mintrom's (1997b) .... state level as a way to win otherwise lost battles in localities (Siegel et al. .... attempt to craft a law that manages to sidestep the provisions of the state law.