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A blacksmith is a metalsmith who creates objects from wrought iron or steel by forging the metal ..... steel remained rare and expensive until the industrial developments of Bessemer process et al. ...

Clavel et al. (2011)


Jun 2, 2010 ... up what is known as biotic homogenization (BH) (Olden et al. 2004). Functional ..... Devictor V, Julliard R, Clavel J, et al. 2008. Functional biotic.

Relative contributions of domestic and foreign sourced ballast water ...


(exchanged in mid-ocean vs. unexchanged) were much better predictors of propagule supply. Overall, ... 2000), and homogenization of faunas (Olden et al., 2004). Propa- ... pathways of NIS introduction that would allow them to craft the.

Aquatic Invasive Species Transport via Trailered Boats - Washington ...


Mar 3, 2010 ... al. 2001; Johnson et al. 2001; Leung et al. 2006). Small-craft boats are ..... The same boat, a general-purpose 16-foot aluminum V-hull motorboat (1993 ..... et al. 2008; Drury and Rothlisberger 2008; Vander Zanden and Olden.

Decrease in natural marine hydrocarbon seepage near Coal Oil ...

seeps.geol.ucsb.edu/articles/1999 Quigley et al Geology.pdf

Aug 15, 1996 ... volden and Harbaugh, 1983; Hornafius et al.,. 1999). ... et al., 1970) are predominantly oil exuded directly .... law (Craft and Hawkins, 1959).

The Diffusion of Local Antismoking Policies - NYU


Shipan and Volden's (2005) investigation of antismoking laws, Mintrom's (1997b) .... state level as a way to win otherwise lost battles in localities (Siegel et al. .... attempt to craft a law that manages to sidestep the provisions of the state law.

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the conservation of biodiversity (Whittaker et al., 2005). 1School of Aquatic ..... et al., 2007), index development (e.g., Olden et al., 2001; Cote et al., 2009) and.

Linking biotic homogenization to habitat type, invasiveness and ...


nization and functional homogenization (Olden, 2006), is one of the key processes ... may depend on habitat conditions (Lambdon et al., 2008; Qian et al. , 2008) ..... Books, London. De Vlaming, V. & Proctor, V.W. (1968) Dispersal of aquatic.

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Instead, Krehbiel and Brady & Volden introduce a new theoretical framework for .... Others, including Kelly (1993), Clinton & Lapinski (2006), and Howell et al. ..... since 2006—provides a first test of the party's ability to craft bipartisan solutions.

2016-1004 - Anderson County


Oct 4, 2016 ... BOA v. Ron. Clinkscales, etc., et al. Lot 24, Taylors Ridge. PB1024@5-6 ... 203 Craft Road, Anderson .... 5214 Olden Porter Road, Anderson.

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DHSS et al., 92-0238-PC, 3/10/93 (ruling by examiner) --- §506.03 .... 5/17/90; rehearing denied, 6/14/90; affirmed by Dane County Circuit Court, Allen et al. v.

A pilot study examining the effects of low-volume high-intensity ...


Oct 20, 2016 ... A systematic review and meta-analysis conducted by Gist et al. in 2013 reported ..... Desmond Yip and Paul S. Craft reviewed drafts of the paper. .... Effects of continuous vs. interval exercise training on blood pressure and .... (2009) Tjonna A, Stolen T, Bye A, Volden M, Slordahl S, Odegard R, Skogvoll E, ...

The Navigation Guide Systematic Review Methodology: A Rigorous ...


Jun 25, 2014 ... Antman et al. documented the lack of timely incorporation of experimental ..... Government agencies can use the Navigation Guide methodology to craft evidence-based ... [PubMed]; Bebarta V, Luyten D, Heard K. Emergency medicine ..... 22 August 2014]; Olden K, Freudenberg N, Dowd J, Shields AE.