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ing crawfish in most other parts of the world. Two basic wire-mesh trap designs have become standards in. Louisiana's wild and farmed craw- fish industries.


There are many ways to make a crawfish trap, but this article describes a simple, effective design. To start, you'll need to find two plastic 2-liter bottles.


May 15, 2016 ... For removing the crawfish I needed a trap door, so I cut a hole into the center of my trap… 5-12-2016 4-52-06 PM. The hole was 9 squares x 8 ...

Aug 27, 2014 ... Part 1 - Design and Cutting - http://youtu.be/MIcrWG_bEDM Part 2 - Assembling the Trap - http://youtu.be/vipAA16F9Ks Part 3 - Finishing ...


I have a love for metal detecting too. I have devoted some web pages to metal detecting but I confess there is not much time left from crawfish trap building to ...

Apr 23, 2014 ... How I made a crawfish trap. Testing to come later. ... How to Build a Crayfish Trap for Under $5 - Part 1 - Design and Cutting - Duration: 11:42.
Jul 22, 2016 ... A step by step tutorial on how to build a commercial grade Pyramid Style Crawfish Trap for under 7$ If you have the ability and desire to support ...


Crayfish are a Cajun delicacy and also make excellent fishing bait. Whether you' re getting ready for dinner or your next fishing excursion, the quickest way to ...


Nov 20, 2009 ... This article describes materials and techniques for the construction of pillow traps and pyramid traps used to harvest crawfish in Louisiana's ...


Homemade crawfish trap built out of chicken wire and zip ties. They work great when built right and ... IdeasMake Your Own. Make your own DIY crawfish trap!