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Adlib - Create Your Own Silly Story! Welcome to Adlib from BAB ... Your story could be hilariously funny, crazy, or just plain silly. But it will be fun! After you've ...


Fill in the blanks and create your own funny story! Note: You may need to disable your PopUp Blocker to do this story as the finished story will "PopUp" in a ...


This resource, from BAB Books, features an interactive Mad Libs-style game, in which students input words of a particular part of speech to write a funny story.


Giggle and Funny Jokes, Pictures, Articles,PunchLines, Horror Story.


Monique's Mad Libs - Create your own silly stories. Mad libs are wacky word games in which players are prompted for words, which are used to create funny ...


Short story generator. Choose some keywords and we will automatically create a short story and cover in seconds.


Help your child create silly stories with these fun fill-in-the-blank worksheets!


Fill in the blanks to create a story about you, your friends, and one wild day! 1) Adjective: 2) Your Street Name: 3) Name of your Friend: 4) Part of a house:.


Word Blanks Online word game. Create your own, play or print it, or choose from over 25000 stories to play.


The Short Story Creator. How funny will your story be? Just fill in the boxes below with your own words and then press one of the "Create" buttons for a fun filled ...