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Louisiana Creole people are persons descended from the colonial settlers of Louisiana, especially those of French or Spanish descent. The term creole was ...

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Creole definition, a person born in the West Indies or Spanish America but of European, usually Spanish, ancestry. See more.

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Some writers from other parts of the United States have mistakenly assumed the term Creole to refer only to people of mixed racial descent, but this is not the ...

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Variously from French créole, from its source, Spanish criollo, and from its source, Portuguese crioulo, itself probably a diminutive of cria (“person raised in one's ...

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Overview. Unlike many other ethnic groups in the United States, Creoles did not migrate from a native country. The term Creole was first used in the sixteenth ...

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With a comfortable and inviting atmosphere and delicious meals, The Creole is your number one stop for classic French food.

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The word “Creole” can seem quite ambiguous at first, but it plays a vital role in defining the culture and history of New Orleans.

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About Us · About Us · Subscribe to Our Email List · Our Family · Awards & Accolades · Join Our Family · Community · News · Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts ...

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Haitian Creole, a French-based vernacular language that developed in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. It developed primarily on the sugarcane ...

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At the Creole Creamery, our goal is to offer you a unique ice cream experience. We take pride in our assortment of diverse and unusual flavors. While some ...

a person born in the West Indies or Spanish America but of European, usually Spanish, ancestry.
a person born in Louisiana but of usually French ancestry.
(sometimes lowercase) a person of mixed black and European, especially French or Spanish, ancestry who speaks a creolized form of French or Spanish.
(usually lowercase) a creolized language; a pidgin that has become the native language of a speech community.
the creolized French language of the descendants of the original settlers of Louisiana.
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Creole | Define Creole at Dictionary.com
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