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Crape Myrtle Care. This top-flowering and easy-to-grow tree or shrub is the queen of the South and great for summer color.


Mar 24, 2015 ... Southern gardeners love their crepe myrtles for summer bloom, attractive, peeling bark and limited crepe myrtle care. How to grow crepe myrtle ...


The South's love affair with crepe myrtles is undeniable. In some areas, you see them on practically every street--and for good reason. Few plants can match ...


Just because your neighbors butcher their crepe myrtles doesn't mean you should too. Here's how to fix past mistakes and prune them right.


Oct 14, 2004 ... Lagerstroemia fauriei is reliably hardy as far north as USDA Hardiness Zone 6. The USNA hybrids that ... How should I care for my crapemyrtle?


Plant care and collection of Crepe Myrtles at Garden.org, with informative growing guides and 422 images of 453 varieties listed.

Jun 18, 2013 ... Learn how to care for crape myrtles with Stauffers of Kissel Hill Home & Garden expert Pat. He shares how to plant, how to fertilize the soil and ...


During periods of drought, if local water restrictions permit, run the sprinkler or drip system on crape myrtles and other trees and shrubs for 20 to 30 minutes ...


Crape myrtles are a terrific, low-maintenance choice for prolific blooms during hot ... Watering: Water your newly planted crape myrtle thoroughly after planting. .... mother nature take over plus the lawn sprinkler system to take care of business?