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Lagerstroemia /ˌleɪɡərˈstriːmiə/, commonly known as crape myrtle or crepe myrtle ... Crepe myrtles are chiefly known for their colorful and long-lasting flowers which occur in summer. Most species of Lagerstroemia have sinewy, fluted ...


Aug 12, 2005 ... HEIGHT, MILDEW RESISTANCE, FALL COLOR, EXFOLIATING BARK. Acoma Semi-dwarf, White, Low Spreading, 6 - 10, High, Purple Red ...


Jan 16, 2015 ... Today's modern Crape Myrtles are available in an extraordinary range of colors and they all have long flowering seasons from mid-summer ...


You'll find lots of crepe myrtles out there. These are some of our favorite varieties.


This fact sheet includes tables that group crape myrtle varieties by height and that include information such as habit, flower color, and hybrid status.


Find superior Crape Myrtle varieties that will liven up your lawn. Click or call 1- 888-504-2001. Red, white, pink and purple hybrid crape myrtles bloom longer and ...


The experts at HGTV help you select the right crape myrtle for your yard. ... varieties grow rather quickly, providing a bit of shade in addition to the seasonal color.


Sep 21, 2004 ... includes descriptions of flower color, plant size, bark color and growth ... URL = http://www.usna.usda.gov/PhotoGallery/CrapemyrtleGallery/ ...


We are the original inventors of the US Patented Miniature Crape Myrtles! We have over 55 varieties available of miniature, dwarf, medium and standard (tree)  ...


Western Redbud is an outstanding small tree, both for its eye-popping color and low maintenance. Most of the year it's dense with dark leaves and purple pods.