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The sport of cricket has a known history beginning in the late 16th century. Having originated in south-east England, it became the country's national sport in the ...

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Cricinfo's brief history of the game of cricket. ... Click here for some more detailed aspects of cricket history. The origins of cricket lie somewhere in the Dark Ages ...

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Cricket History. The origin of cricket is unknown. Most probably, its name was derived from the Old English cryce, which means “stick,” and, in its rude form, ...

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Jun 17, 2016 ... Cricket is a global passion, played everywhere from Test match arenas to village greens, tropical beaches and dusty back lots. It has a great ...

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They say you have to be born into cricket. Me, I love it. An American friend once described it as “baseball on Valium.” The origins of the game of cricket are lost in  ...

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Mar 25, 2015 ... Cricket, England's national summer sport, which is now played ... History. Origin. Cricket is believed to have begun possibly as early as the 13th ...

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Cricket in England - a history of the sport of cricket in England, from its origins to the present day. Part of the English Culture guide at Britain Express.

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Cricket History . A Short History Of Cricket From MyCricketGame.Com.

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Cricket: A Brief History. Cricket started in England in the 16th century. The first official Laws of Cricket were codified in 1744, and the sport grew rapidly through  ...

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Mar 22, 2015 ... The history of cricket is rich, though there isn't really any official proof of how the game was born. Some accounts have the first games taking ...