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Sample questions to ask when cross-examining witnesses at a ...


Jun 19, 2015 ... You ask cross-examination questions based on a theory. Using the example of Angela and James Smith as set out in our sample affidavit, ...



The trial lawyer must learn to get the “feel” of a good cross-examination; .... Asking leading questions allows the cross-examiner to be forceful, fearless, ...

A Checklist of Winning Cross-Examination Concepts and Techniques


to what is involved in cross-examination. Far too often a cross-examination consists of a number of unplanned questions without purpose filling in gaps in the ...

Controlling the Witness on Cross-Examination - Benchmark Institute


The lecture was entitled: "The Ten Commandments of Cross-Examination. ... We may ask that question and the witness may answer "yes" as we desire. However  ...

How to Cross Examine: 14 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Do not stray from the cross examination outline if at all ... You might be tempted to ask extra questions in ...

Tips for Effective Cross-Examination - Gentry Locke Attorneys


Oct 1, 2006 ... is often useful in framing constructive questions. Frequently, constructive cross- examination is initially used with the other party's expert ...

Cross-Examination - American Bar Association


Cross-examination is generally limited to questioning only on matters that were raised during direct examination. Leading questions may be asked during ...

Asking and Answering Questions in Cross-Examination


Asking and Answering Questions in Cross-Examination. Taken from Breaking Down Barriers: How to Debate (2000 Edition). The Questioner. 1. Ask questions to ...

Sample Cross-Examination Transcripts - Criminal Defense Wiki


Before conducting the cross-examination of an expert witness, the criminal ... instead asking her questions about her observations of a crime scene – just like ...

Cross-Examination - Criminal Defense Wiki


The goal of cross-examination is to target the ... want the witness to simply affirm or deny the question you are asking.

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Cross-Examination in Criminal Cases


(1) Supportive (Concession Based) Cross-Examination: This type of cross is employed when you want to ask questions and get answers that support and ...

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Sample Cross Examination - Westchester County, New York Sex Crime Lawyer. ... I'm the lawyer for Mr. C. I'm going to be asking you some questions.

How to Ask Leading Questions During Cross-Examination


Free trial advocacy article: Improve your cross-examination skills by asking ONLY leading questions during cross-exam.