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Do Crows and Ravens Make Good Pets? | Cuteness.com


Horror movies often portray them as sinister messengers of doom, but in reality, crows and ravens are extremely intelligent birds with no inclination...

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Apr 14, 2012 ... By request, here's a link to the awesome "Ravens vs Crow" video that shows the ... I carefully monitor myself and the conditions of my pets.

The Corvid Ranch Home - Corvitude.com


Raising hand fed corvids for pets and exhibits. Specializing in African Pied Crows (Corvus Albus). These large beautiful raven-like crows make fascinating pets

Crows as Pets: The African Pied Crow, a Most Intelligent Bird


May 6, 2013 ... My fascination with Corvids (crows, ravens, jays and their relatives) began in childhood, when I cared for injured American Crows and Blue ...

TheRaven's Aviary - Raising a Corvid - Shades-of-Night.com


May 26, 2001 ... Whether you are taking care of a corvid already, have rescued an orphaned crow , or just want to find out the legalities of keeping a Raven as a ...

Are ravens and crows good pets? - Straight Dope Message Board


Question says it all: if hatched in captivity, how well do ravens and crows get along with people? Which makes the better pet? And where would ...

Why Are They Not Pets?????? (eggs, legal, african, poop) - Animals ...


There is one animal, RAVEN/CROW, that's just as smart as those four animals above, if not smarter, but they are not being kept as pets. Why?

10 Really Weird Crow Facts - Aves Noir | Aves Noir


Pet crows give their owners names. ..... Your crows I believe may be Ravens, The Ravens get familiar with certain people that they can trust, you've been feeding ...

Edgar the Hybrid Raven - Aves Noir | Aves Noir


She is a dedicated mom to several crows and ravens (and cats, pigs, and .... Keeping Crows or Ravens as pets is no easy task, and should only be done if you ...

The Raven: One Very Smart Bird - Mercola.com


Jun 20, 2012 ... This Could Cause Your Pet to Suffocate - Without Advance Notice ... Ravens include a group of larger-sized birds belonging to the crow family.

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Wild About Wildlife: How Can I Get a Pet Crow or Raven?


Who among us wouldn't love to own a pet raven or crow? These beautiful animals, long admired for their romantic association with darkness and despair, are ...

White Necked African Ravens - Daniel Walthers online


White necked (also known as White-naped) raven is the largest and the most ... resemblance to the White-necked Raven is the Pied Crow which is smaller and has a ... and need mental & physical stimulation to remain happy and healthy pets.

Where can I get a pet Crow or Raven? - Shades-of-Night.com


Apr 24, 1999 ... Let me make this clear before I go any further: Crows and Ravens are wild animals, and are not pets in the same way that cats and dogs are.