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the act of crucifying.
the state of being crucified.
(initial capital letter) the death of Jesus upon the Cross.
a picture or other representation of this.
severe and unjust punishment or suffering; persecution.
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Crucifixion is a historical method of capital punishment in which the victim is tied or nailed to a large wooden beam and left to hang for several days until ...

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Apr 4, 2015 ... 04_01_Munkacsy Jesus's mother and Mary Magdalene—his only followers other than John not to desert him during his crucifixion—weep at ...

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Dec 6, 2013 ... Crucifixion remains a familiar idea, even though it's a punishment from the distant past. It's so familiar that we no longer consider of the physical ...

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Jul 17, 2011 ... What do we know about the history of crucifixion? In the following article, “New Analysis of the Crucified Man,” Hershel Shanks looks at ...

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Dec 3, 2015 ... Crucifixion, an important method of capital punishment particularly among the Persians, Seleucids, Carthaginians, and Romans from about the ...

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Roman Crucifixion. Visit the Romans site for interesting history, facts and information about life in Ancient Rome including Roman Crucifixion. History, facts and ...

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Crucifixion is an ancient method of execution, in which the victim was tied or nailed to a large wooden cross (Latin: crux) and left to hang there until dead.

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Jesus and Jehohanan: An Archaeological Note on Cruxifixion. Archaeological discoveries offer new information about the Roman practice of crucifixion.".