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Trans-cultural diffusion


In cultural anthropology and cultural geography, cultural diffusion, as conceptualized by Leo Frobenius in his 1897/98 publication Der westafrikanische ...

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Culture diffusion definition, the spreading out of culture, culture traits, or a cultural pattern from a central point. See more.

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Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural beliefs and social activities from one group to another. The mixing of world cultures through different ethnicities, ...

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Cultural diffusion is the spread of culture, including aspects such as clothing and food, from one group to another, typically as a result of making contact for the ...

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Feb 25, 2012 ... The process by which cultural traits of one society directly or indirectly spread to the other society is called cultural diffusion.



Mar 22, 2013 ... Cultural diffusion is a process by which cultural traits are spread from one society to another. Cultural diffusion has become common in current ...

cultural diffusion

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cultural diffusion : The spreading of ideas through contact such as trade or war.

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Cultural diffusion: The spread of cultural ideas from their place of origin to other ... Some might say culture has become more homogenised because of this, while ...

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Dec 27, 2014 ... In this lesson, we'll use the examples of viral videos, hip hop, and yoga to explore how culture is diffused and expanded. We'll also look at how.

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Define diffusion: the action of diffusing : the state of being diffused ... 4 : the spread of cultural elements from one area or group of people to others by contact.

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Cultural diffusion | Define Cultural diffusion at Dictionary.com


Cultural diffusion definition, act of diffusing; state of being diffused. See more.

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The definition of cultural diffusion is what happens when the cultural beliefs and social activities are spread through different ethnicities, religions, nationalities, ...

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A modern example of cultural diffusion is the ubiquity of Latin food in American cooking. Enchiladas, tacos, guacamole and salsa are cultural products that ...