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8 Habits of Curious People | Fast Company | Business + Innovation


We are born curious, but when answers are valued more than questions, we forget how to ask. Here's how to relearn an old habit.

5 Benefits Of Being A Curious Person - Huffington Post


Nov 9, 2014 ... Your curiosity about people and the world around you can make your social life richer. If you demonstrate an interest in what someone has to ...

Cultivating Curiosity | Psychology Today


Sep 1, 2006 ... Curious people are used to being joshed for their obsessions—monikers like " band geek" and "bookworm" are a way of saying, "Just relax, ...

Why Curious People Are Destined for the C-Suite


Sep 11, 2015 ... Curiosity and open-mindedness are getting their due.

The Importance of Developing Curiosity | World of Psychology


May 26, 2015 ... This study conducted at the University at Buffalo concluded that the degree to which people are curious directly relates to personal growth ...

Benefits of Being Curious - Curious Mind


Quick View. Curious people tend to be;. Open minded, objective and optimistic yet balanced with doubt and scepticism, they resist leaping to assumptions and ...

How are Curious People Viewed and How Do they Behave in Social ...


Feb 5, 2013 ... Objective. People who are open and curious orient their lives around an appreciation of novelty and a strong urge to explore, discover, and ...

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Curious - Marc and Angel Hack Life


Aug 25, 2007 ... You Will Become More Efficient – Curious people look at a challenge from multiple angles. They discover alternative ways of accomplishing the ...

Why curious people make better employees | CIO


Apr 18, 2016 ... Vartanian has grown his company by hiring qualified, curious candidates over people who simply have an impressive background, but don't ...

The Future for Curious People: A Novel: Gregory Sherl - Amazon.com


The Future for Curious People: A Novel [Gregory Sherl] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Comic and Exuberant . . . A fine and tender tale ...

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4 Reasons Why Curiosity is Important and How to Develop It - Lifehack


Curious people always ask questions and search for answers in their minds. Their minds are always active. Since the mind is like a muscle which becomes ...

The Power of Curiosity · Experience Life


What do you want most in life? For the vast majority of us, the answer is “to be happy.” In a 2007 survey of more than 10,000 people from 48 countries published ...

Six Surprising Benefits of Curiosity | Greater Good


Sep 24, 2015 ... Curious people are happier. Research has shown curiosity to be associated with higher levels of positive emotions, lower levels of anxiety, ...