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I slit my wrist to erase the pain, you look at me, and think I'm insane, my eyes turn red, bleeding my tears, and still you try to protect me from my worst fears.


This is a poem of a girl that cut herself. This is a real story that I have lived through and thought I should share it because it is not a good thing to do so I hope that ...


Cut poetry: ... Cut. I wanna carve your name. Into my wrist. And have you sew me back together ... Whilst you are standing there with your heart cut into pieces,


My wrist, my canvas. My blade, my paintbrush. Across my flesh. A stroke of red. Dripping down. Thoughts of guilt. My wrist of scars. My canvas of blood


Cutting poetry: ... Cutting Pretend your real. Cutting Shed a tear. Cutting Let the blade arrive. Cutting ... She loved seeing the blood slowly seep from her wrists


Jan 26, 2004 ... A picture on my wrist. The picture ... Frig these poems are good! Yeah I ... Wow they sound a bit like my poems, maybe I'll put them on someday.


Find and save ideas about Wrist cutting quotes on Pinterest. ... Depression Poems and Quotes | sad quotes hurt self harm skin cut cutting cuts burn angry poetry ...


May 10, 2006 ... Also known as when someone(emo) cuts themselves across the wrist. Emo kids usually do it because they want to die, but truthfully that is not a ...


Oct 5, 2013 ... And the little girl who didn't want her hair cut, ... to toughen up like the girl in the poem and to clench your wrist rather than to cry out in tears to ...