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SqlConnection _sqlConnection; SqlCommand sqlCmd; DBPersister per = ( DBPersister)invoice; if (per == null) { _sqlConnection = new ...


... path.normalize(__dirname + '/objects'),. persistableObjectConfigDir: path. normalize(__dirname + '/configs'),. dbConfig: {. db: "persister-example",. port: 27017,.


Aug 21, 2014 ... dbpersister logo. DBPersister (Open Souce – LGPL licence). I released the first stable version of this new library written for php that will easy ...


Later, you can create a DbPersister that implements the actual storage and retrieval of data completely differently from how your csv class did it.


at com.tiscon.util.db.Persister.retrieveConnection(Persister.java:198) [tiscon_db. jar:] at com.tiscon.util.db.Persister.select(Persister.java:154) ...


Results 1 - 20 of 106 ... DBPersister started in 2011 with few lines of code to enhance the way to develop crud applications by php users. DBPersister is an Open ...


Nov 22, 2014 ... One for the DBLoader/DBPersister classes, and another for the DAO style classes. The DAO classes use Annotations instead of the MAP ...


public class DBPersister{ public void save(Libro libro){. //Código para guardar.. } } public class Libro{ private String ISBN; private String title; private int year;.


depending own needs. About DBPersister On this site you can download and use a list of libraries in all your php projects that use mysql as database. To.


do use this libraries you need mysqli extension installed on your web host without any other components. What You Can Use DBPersister For You can use.