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DNA ligase


In molecular biology, DNA ligase is a specific type of enzyme, a ligase, (EC 6.5. 1.1) that facilitates the joining of DNA strands together by catalyzing the formation  ...

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This is accomplished by covalently connecting the sugar backbone of the two DNA fragments. This reaction, called ligation, is performed by the T4 DNA ligase  ...

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Ligation of DNA is a central step in many modern molecular biology workflows. DNA ligases catalyze the formation of a phosphodiester bond between the 3' ...

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Dec 5, 2014 ... Understanding the basic (and simple!) chemistry behind DNA ligation will help you get better DNA ligation results. Learn all about it here.

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Cloning by restriction enzyme digestion and ligation is a simple and easy way of moving a fragment of double-stranded DNA from one plasmid to another.

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In molecular biology, ligation refers to the joining of two DNA fragments through the formation of a phosphodiester bond. An enzyme known as a ligase...

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Jan 27, 2014 ... Ligation, the process of joining DNA fragments with a DNA ligase, proceeds in three steps. Learn more about DNA ligation at ...

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The Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kits provide reagents optimized for rapid and ... Storage Buffer: Fast-Link DNA Ligase is supplied in a 50% glycerol solution ...

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Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kit uses a high-quality ligase (Fast-Link DNA Ligase), that ... and formulated to provide extremely rapid, high-efficiency DNA ligation.

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Restriction enzymes, called molecular scissors are precisely cut the desired DNA and its carrying vector, at specific sites , whereas the ligase enzyme, called ...

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DNA Ligation


Joining linear DNA fragments together with covalent bonds is called ligation. More specifically, DNA ligation involves creating a phosphodiester bond between  ...

DNA Ligase


The smallest known ATP-dependent DNA ligase is the one from the bacteriophage T7 (at 41KdA). Eukaryotic DNA ligases may be much larger ( human DNA ...

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Nov 20, 2007 ... Cells naturally carry out ligation during DNA replication, when the Okazaki fragments are joined together. Cells also use ligation to repair DNA ...