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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Artiodactyla Family: Bovidae Genus: Bos
Species: Bos taurus
Like most domestic animals, Bos taurus, the domestic cow, is currently found throughout much of the world. The wild ancestors of cows were native to northern Africa, Europe, and southern Asia. Domestic cows are large, sturdy... More »
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Dairy Cows - Midwest Dairy Association


Sep 25, 2015 ... Frequently-asked questions about dairy farming practices to educate consumers about the science behind how milk and dairy products get ...

Kid's Corner - Facts About Cows


More than 99% of all dairy farms are family owned and operated. Cows are milked for an average of 3-4 years. A cow must have a calf in order to produce milk.

10 Dairy Facts the Industry Doesn't Want You to Know


Jul 30, 2014 ... Consider the following 10 dairy facts, most of which are common to all ... Due to extensive genetic manipulation, today's dairy cows produce up ...



An udder (the organ on the underside of the cow that stores the milk) can hold 25 -50 pounds of milk! If you are 5-6 years ... then start giving milk, working for about 5-6 years as a dairy cow. ✓ A newborn calf can .... incredible facts! GUERNSEY.

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Interesting Facts about Milk and Cows. It used to take a person 1 hour to milk 6 cows by hand. Today, a person can milk 100 cows in an hour with modern ...

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Dairy Facts. How much milk does one cow produce? How often are they milked? What do they eat? Just the facts here. 60,000. Number of dairy farms in the ...

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Dec 2, 2012 ... Interesting facts about cows. Impress your friends with your knowledge about cows.

Dairy Cow Facts - California Milk Advisory Board


Cows belong to a group of animals called ruminants. This means they have four stomach compartments (not four stomachs) that each play a different role in the ...

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Home Our History Facilities Bulls for Sale Cow Families Cool Dairy Facts Farm ... It takes more cows to produce milk annually for Pizza Hut cheese (about ...

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Q: Interesting Dairy Cow Facts.
A: A single dairy cow in the United States produces 2,000 gallons (more than 30,000 glasses) of milk in a year. Cows once ran wild and were hunted by man for meat.... Read More »
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Q: Fun Dairy Cow Facts.
A: Dairy cows have been providing nourishment to humanity since ancient times. Evidence of humans using dairy cows has been found in Bronze Age Switzerland, and th... Read More »
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Q: How to Feed a Dairy Cow.
A: The amount and quality of the feed you give your cows play a major part in determining the amount of milk they produce. In many small-scale dairy operations, co... Read More »
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Q: What are dairy cows farmed for?
A: Dairy cows are farmed for dairy. That is, dairy products, which are made from the milk that comes from dairy cows, as opposed to beef cows, which are farmed for... Read More »
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Q: What is dairy cow?
A: A cow that is specifically used by farmers for producing milk that they sell. Dairy farming is just one type of cattle farming. Different types of farmers use d... Read More »
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