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Flu Vaccine: Another Year of Dangerous CDC Lies - Mercola


Dec 1, 2015 ... Despite the fact that last year's flu vaccine was a major flop with an abysmal 18 percent effectiveness rate, the CDC remained confident in this ...

Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. based on ...


Jan 5, 2014 ... Health Impact News. The last report issued in 2013 by the Department of Justice ( Vaccine Court), for compensation made by the Health and ...

10 Reasons Why Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than a Flu!


Every year doctors & health practitioners recommend getting a flu shot. Find out why flu shots are dangerous and how they can adversely affect your health.

Ask Well: What Are the Risks of Flu Vaccine? - The New York Times


Oct 16, 2015 ... A reader asks: What are the risks associated with flu vaccine? ... syndrome, an extremely rare but dangerous swelling of the liver and brain.

FDA expediting approval for deadly flu shot linked to autoimmune ...


Nov 1, 2015 ... Last week, Vaccines.news published a snippet about the FDA fast tracking an incredibly dangerous flu vaccine called FLUAD. The piece ...

Flu Shots Are Dangerous... And 5 Other Flu Myths Busted - ABC News


Jan 12, 2015 ... There are almost as many misconceptions about the flu as there are different strains of the virus. And not having your flu facts straight can be ...

The Flu Shot: Everything You Need To Know - Save Our Bones


The truth: Flu shots have many toxic and potentially dangerous chemicals. Because the virus strains are bred in eggs, sheep guts, monkey brains or fetal diploid ...

The dangers of the flu shot - NaturalNews.com


May 28, 2015 ... (NaturalNews) The most common adverse reactions to the flu shot begin within 12 hours of vaccination and can last several days.

Flu Shots Are More Dangerous Than The Flu! - Underground Health


The verdict is out on flu shots. Medical experts agree it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself.

Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2016-2017) - Live Science


Sep 6, 2016 ... The seasonal flu shot is a yearly vaccine administered to protect ... In the United States, flu shots are recommended for everyone ages 6 months and older. ... Dangerous Drugs: Why Synthetic-Cannabinoid Overdoses Are On ...

The Influenza Vaccine
It is important to get a flu shot every year; receiving a shot one year does not mean you will be protected when the next bout of influenza comes to town. More »
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Flu Shot Remains Most Dangerous Vaccine Based on Injuries and ...


Oct 20, 2015 ... Three of those settlements were for deaths linked to vaccines, with two deaths related to the flu shot, and one death for the HPV shot. 65 of the ...

Top 10 reasons to avoid the flu shot - Natural Health 365


Nov 15, 2015 ... The flu shot has been greatly criticized as being ineffective and dangerous for human health. Discover how to naturally protect yourself from ...

A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine ~ by Kelly Brogan, MD ...


Nov 27, 2013 ... A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine ~ by Kelly Brogan, MD ... tragically flawed and unacceptably dangerous collective behaviors.